Did Loki Steal An Infinity Stone From The Time Variance Authority?

Episode 3 of Loki shared some fascinating insights on the God of Mischief and his variant, Sylvie. But the scene that caught everyone’s attention was the one where Loki stopped a building from falling and pushed it back without touching it. This grand display of powers has raised some eyebrows and sparked a new theory that Loki stole one of the Infinity Stones, the Time Stone. Before we jump to any conclusion, let us consider some other events during the episode that contradict this possibility. 

“Lamentis” started with Sylvie causing the “multiverse madness” and finally breaking into the headquarters of the TVA. Loki follows her but ends up zapping them to the moon Lamentis-1 after a run-in with the TVA agents. Stuck in the year 2077, the two are stranded on a moon that is on the verge of being consumed by an apocalypse. As they embark on a mission to escape this moon, we come across some hidden abilities of Loki. A building is about to fall on them by the end of the episode when Loki and Sylvie run through the chaotic crowd, trying to save themselves from the destruction. But to our surprise, Loki prevents the building from dropping over their head with an obscure magical power. The God of Mischief is full of mysteries, but never have we seen him perform such a powerful trick. 

Did Loki Steal The Time Stone?

While fans loved this display of power, some claim that Loki got help from the Infinity Stone that he had stolen from Casey’s drawer. According to them, Time Stone is the only explanation as the structure had appeared to move backwards along with the smoke. However, if carefully watched, Loki didn’t rewind time but legit halted and pushed the building. His warrior-like pose with crossed wrists didn’t resemble Doctor Strange’s hand rotation gesture. Moreover, the smoke that seemed to float back was actually immersing into the empty space. Whether Loki used the Time Stone or his powers, this episode still leaves us with several questions. As per Marvel Comics, the Infinity Stones are only functional in their respective universes. So, either Loki coincidentally landed on the right timeline as per the stone, or the MCU disregards this comic book rule. Even if it was the Time Stone, why didn’t he use it to reverse time and retry the Ark escape or get back on the train? And if the force emerged from Loki’s abilities, why were they held back for so long? 

We are eager to find out more about Loki’s plan and his powers in the upcoming episodes.