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Loki Theory: All TVA Agents Are Time Variants With False ‘Sacred Timeline’ Memories

It is but the era of fan theories. It began with WandaVision. And it will ei. The series introduces us to the all powerful Time Keepers and the almighty TVA. The Time Variance Authority knows it all, sees it all, hears it all. It’s job is to protect time from imploding. And it has a huge force of soldiers and agents that work on its behalf. But where did these agents come from? Where does the TVA gets its workforce from? This interesting theory might give us a simple but earth-shattering revelation.

TVA Agents Are Reset Variants

In Loki, Owen Wilson’s Mobius M Mobius states that all the TVA Agents were created by the Time Keepers. In the first episode, we see Time Variants are brought in for judgment and if found guilty, are erased from existence. TVA works on this simple principle. But Loki manages to not only escape Renslayer’s judgment but also gets recruited into the TVA. He is now a Variant working with the organization to capture Lady Loki.

The ease with which Renslayer agreed to Mobius taking charge of Loki means the TVA is not a stranger to this practice. Time Variants come from alternate timelines and are too dangerous to be left unattended. But they do make wonderful assets, as proven by Loki. In mere days, Loki was able to find out massive flaws in the TVA’s security. He got the closest to Lady Loki, something none of the TVA Agents had been able to.

Time Variants are assets that, after their timelines are pruned, have nowhere to go to. And an alternate timeline makes for a valuable source of endless, skilled manpower. This theory makes sense when you consider the fact that the TVA is massive, with possibly millions of employees working in tandem.

Loki Has Already Teased This Theory In The Jet Ski Scene

During the canteen break scene in Episode 2, Loki and Mobius explore the concept of the Time Keepers and the TVA. Loki tries to reason with Mobius about the truth of the organization and its origins. Mobius is seemingly taken aback, but comes back with a perfect reply. Mobius says that every truth sounds concocted until perspective comes into play. Loki comes from a race of Frost Giants who was adopted by Odin, King of the gods, and raised as the Asgardian God of Mischief.

The very origin story of Loki would be unbelievable to many, just like the TVA’s tall tales. Mobius ends the conversation by saying that as long as they believe in the Time Keepers, they are real and do exist.

The Jet Ski Scene Is A Prelude For The Things To Come

Mobius describes the Jet Ski as the perfect blend of “form and function”. The moment Mobius mentioned the Jet Ski and his dream of riding one, one thing became certain. Mobius will one day ride the Jet Ski, preferably before season 1’s finale. That would only happen if he is not bound by the rules of the TVA.

Once the truth about the TVA and the Time Keepers goes public, or at least till Mobius M Mobius finds it out, there will be no going back. The Time Keepers’ revealing the TVA Agents are all brain-washed reset variants would be a big revelation. But it is a theory with the highest chances of coming true.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

Bibhu Prasad Panda is a Senior Content Writer at FandomWire. He has always been fascinated with the world of word balloons and text boxes since he was 5. From aspiring to be an engineer to becoming a market research specialist, life's been quite a journey for him. Bibhu now follows his passion as an entertainment journalist/blogger. He's also an Omen main in Valorant. SCATTER!!!!