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Loki: This Tom Hiddleston Impression Of Owen Wilson Is Pure Gold

Loki This Tom Hiddleston Impression Of Owen Wilson Is Pure Gold

Tom Hiddleston shows his hidden talent with his impression of Owen Wilson, which is pure gold. We all know, Loki aka Tom Hiddleston as the god of mischief but seems like he is even a master of imitations. The interview in which Tom imitated Wilson is from Australian film festival, Popcorn Taxi. During a live interview with Owen Wilson, Jimmy Kimmel, the show’s host showed Wilson how Hiddleston impersonated him as Loki. Owen is well-pleased and is seen letting out a chuckle here and there saying it’s pretty good.


Tom Hiddleston’s hidden talent was not really hidden after all

Loki’s notorious German speech in The Avengers surely hits differently when delivered in Wilson’s distinct vocal stylings. Tom’s talent of imitating is not hidden after all as he is well known for his celebrity impersonations during events and interviews. And they are undeniably hilarious. One of the many floating around the internet is his Owen Wilson impression from the Popcorn Taxi festival in Australia.

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Tom Hiddleston, though loved by fans as Loki, his impressions of other actors is the real deal. He imitated the Cookie Monster, Al Pacino, fellow MCU co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, and many other Hollywood celebs which garnered immense attention and love from fans and his co-stars time and again.

How did Owen Wilson react ?

“Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation,” Hiddleston quoted, doing an impression of Owen as Loki. “For god’s sake, kneel. I’m burdened with glorious purpose, that’s all.” As hilarious as it was, one of the Twitter users pointed out that he quite missed the classic Wilson “wow”. Although when Wilson was shown the clip of Tom being a little mischievous, he looked amused. He even stated that Tom’s choice of words was pretty good.

Besides appreciating Hiddleston for imitating him, Owen Wilson also spoke about his arrival as Agent Mobius in the Loki series. He explained the difficulty he faced as a new comer as he had to catch up on a lot of MCU history. Wilson admits to Kimmel that he wasn’t entirely acquainted with the inner working of the franchise and its God of Mischief.

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MCU enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for a possibility of an impression of ‘Owen Wilson as Loki’ this time, since the two are currently working together on the Disney+ series. However Owen and Tom previously appeared together in the movie Midnight in Paris (2011).

Another Twitter user posted a picture of Loki and Mobius watching Tom Hiddleston enact the Owen Wilson impression. It indeed looks like a dream come true for ardent fans of Loki after all.

Well we all know Loki is a master trickster but watching Tom Hiddleston be the best at imitating his co-star Owen Wilson is indeed a treat.

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