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Loki: Why This Variant Was Chosen By The TVA

The latest and much-awaited MCU series, Loki premiered with a bang of interesting twists. It revealed that the God of Mischief had several versions in the Marvel Universe. But we are yet to discover why Mobius and the TVA chose this variant for their mission.

The Disney + show kicks off with Loki, from the Battle of New York, escaping with the Tesseract from the Avengers tower during the time heist of “Avengers: Endgame”. However, he ends up moving away from the timeline, catching the TVA’s attention. Accused of disrupting the timeline by veering off the proper flow, Loki was about to be reset when Mobius appeared just on time. Agent Mobius knew what they were dealing with and wanted to use it for a greater threat.

But what raises our eyebrows is the selection of this particular Loki amongst so many variants. How did the Time-Variance Authority decide which variant was the best for them? The MCU hasn’t shed light on this matter explicitly but some fans have been able to pick up the bread crumbs. It seemed like Mobius knew that this Loki had a heart, hidden behind all his evil acts. As per his time on Earth, he was not far away from redemption. Mobius tested his theory by constantly hitting the right emotional buttons on the Asgardian. He wanted to get through Loki so he could use the variant’s notorious mind to his advantage. After fighting his emotions and denying his feelings in front of Mobius, Loki almost managed to escape the TVA, only to realize that there was no way home.

He finally yielded on watching himself sacrificing his life for Thor in the timeline. It seems like Mobius knew Thor’s brother would have a change of heart after learning about his fate. After all, anyone who saw Loki’s final act on Earth would know what laid beneath that mischievous façade. In fact, Mobius wasn’t trying to change Loki as he was always aware of his true intentions. All he needed to do was to play with the right chords. While Judge Renslayar and the rest of the TVA members considered it a risk to recruit Loki, Mobius was confident that he got the right guy who was capable of redemption.

Written by Ipshita Barua