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Loki’s Description Of Frigga Makes Odin Appear Even More Diabolical

In Loki’s third episode, the God of Mischief was seen telling Sylvie about his mother to whom he was the dearest. However, his description of Frigga makes Odin appear even more diabolical.

Odin’s death in Thor: Ragnarok was an impactful event in the MCU’s timeline that led to Thor understanding his actual worth. The events that followed even led to Loki’s death at least in the sacred timeline. However, Loki now has a second chance to put things right, and his father’s actions are clearly critical within that journey. Due to his banishment by Loki, Odin’s power had slowly started to drain which soon led to his death in Thor: Ragnarok. He disintegrated into pure energy and entered Valhalla.

Yet it was Frigga’s death that acted as a key part of Thor’s arc in Avengers: Endgame. In Loki’s own solo show, it is doing the same thing for him. What Frigga was to her sons sits heavily on their hearts and episode 3 had enough proof for this.
On their way to the rescue ship on Lamentis-1, Loki tells Sylvie about his mother Frigga who helped him learn magic. He vividly describes her as “good” and “purely decent” which speaks of not only Loki’s relationship with Frigga but also Odin.

The very fact that Loki thinks of Frigga as good and purely decent makes us wonder how he feels for Odin. In episode 1, Loki mentions that “no one good is wholly good,” in a seemingly pointed remark about his adoptive father. Seeing him talk about his mother this way reaffirms just how much damage Odin had caused.

Growing up, Loki did not have the fate of fatherly love because Odin always preferred his biological offspring and heir Thor over him. Loki’s description of Frigga is a reminder of Odin’s failure as a father figure and makes us wonder how Loki might’ve turned out like had his dad been loving and honest with him. Odin may have been the Allfather to Asgard but he was never a good dad.



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