Loki’s New Arc Gives Marvel a Chance To Correct Past Mistakes By Adapting the God of Stories Storyline

Loki's new power might help MCU in erasing a few problematic arcs and fixing major issues

loki’s new arc gives marvel a chance to correct past mistakes by adapting the god of stories storyline


  • Loki season 2 ended with completing the storyline of Loki as he evolved from the God of Mischief to the God of Stories
  • With his new powers, where he can control his time slipping, the anti-hero can change and even redeem some of major issues in the MCU
  • The actor could also erase Kang from the storyline, giving the MCU a chance to introduce a newer villain
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Warning: The Article Contains Spoilers of Loki Season 2


In the second season of Loki, he has finally mastered the ability to slip through time, giving him the freedom to move freely across space and time. He also gains the alias of God of Stories because of his ability to rewrite his own story and the stories of others as well. This new power is a significant growth for Loki’s character, as it signifies his rejection of the path the fixed TVA has laid out for him.

Although Loki has always been cunning and resilient, in the second season he finally accepts his fate and decides to shape his own future. With his newfound power, he can potentially erase Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror from any point in time, thus removing the biggest obstacle for the MCU’s Avengers, giving them a boost, and maybe stopping another Thanos-level incident.

A still from Loki Season 2
A still from Loki Season 2

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Loki’s Newfound Power Can Potentially Erase Kang From Any Storyline

Loki’s newfound power of time slipping has the ability to erase Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror from any storyline. This is so that Loki can stop Kang from ever originating or eliminating him before his powers peaked by using his powers and traveling both into the future and back in time. Similarly, Loki could use his power to alter the timeline so that Kang’s actions never happened in the first place.

A still from Loki Season 2
A still from Loki Season 2

The God of Mischief, now the God of Stories, views He Who Remains as the ultimate threat, and his using the new powers could help prevent another Thanos-level incident. Loki could also identify potential threats and take steps to neutralize them before they can cause any harm, by going back in time. Furthermore, Loki might use his abilities to warn the Avengers of impending dangers, giving them time to prepare.


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Naturally, there are possible dangers connected to Loki’s abilities. When employed carelessly, Loki could unintentionally create even greater problems than the ones he is trying to solve. Furthermore, Loki’s power may be misused by malicious people. All things considered, Loki’s newly acquired ability is a potent weapon that might have a significant effect on the MCU’s future.

Loki time-slipping in the series
Loki’s time-slipping

And as with great power comes great responsibility, it will be interesting to see how Loki uses his power of time slipping in the future, and what consequences his actions will have. However, although it will be up to him to decide how he uses his power, whether he uses it for good or for evil, there will always be a scenario where things might go incredibly wrong, or vice versa.


Kang’s Exit Might Open the Path for Doctor Doom’s MCU Intro

The MCU may now have a chance to introduce the renowned supervillain Doctor Doom with Kang the Conqueror theoretically erased from existence. Even though Doctor Doom and Kang are both strong antagonists in the Marvel Comics, their distinct objectives and personalities could result in contrasting MCU scenarios. Although Dr. Doom is brilliant, he is an arrogant ruler whose actions stem from a desire for power, and control just like many others.

Dr Doom killing Thanos in a flash
Dr. Doom kills Thanos in a flash

But the advent of Dr. Doom may pave the way for new storylines in the MCU that explore the fields of magic, science and technology, and even political intrigue. In addition, his presence might act as a unifying force for heroes and anti-heroes from throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe to confront a common threat. Furthermore, Dr. Doom might rise as a more grounded and relatable antagonist than Kang.

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With Kang the Conqueror potentially out of the picture, the MCU could introduce Doctor Doom without the risk of overshadowing or retreading Kang’s established arc. Instead of Kang, who is more overtly power-hungry, the franchise may be able to go deeper into the subtleties of Doctor Doom’s persona by highlighting his cunning, ambition, and even his fleeting moments of nobility, making him into a more nuanced and intriguing villain.

He Who Remains aka Kang the Conqueror
He Who Remains aka Kang the Conqueror

Regardless of whether Kang remains permanently erased, the potential absence of this time-traveling conqueror could certainly provide an opportunity for the MCU to introduce another iconic villain in the form of Dr. Doom. He may also introduce a new and intriguing dynamic to the MCU. He would not only present the heroes with a tough foe to face but also offer depth and complexity to the MCU’s ever-expanding story.

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