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“Long Distance Economy Travel S*cks”: Henry Cavill Feels He Might Hurt a Few Fans With His Traveling Habit

Actor Henry Cavill says he travels a lot, but always in first class.

"Long Distance Economy Travel S*cks": Henry Cavill Feels He Might Hurt a Few Fans With His Traveling Habit


  • Henry Cavill says he spends the money earned from his jobs by going on holidays.
  • But the actor loathes traveling in anything but first class, especially citing his height.
  • Cavill though admits that he prefers being at his home more than anywhere else.

With fame comes money, and Henry Cavill has no shortage of either. As an actor with as much influence as him, it would be a miracle to wonder if his comments do not impact his fans in the slightest. From playing iconic characters to being an absolute icon, the actor has achieved a lot since his days of being called ‘fat Cavill.’

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

It can be seen from his impressive PC setups that the actor is not afraid to spend on what makes him happy. Provided the luxury, he takes full advantage of it. One thing he loves besides gaming is the act of traveling. To him, traveling is something he can always look back to. However, there is one trait in the preferences that he has that the actor believes would make his fans angry, Cavill despises traveling in anything but first class.

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Henry Cavill has a Very Specific Taste When it Comes to Traveling

In an interview with Outlook Traveller, Henry Cavill revealed that he enjoys traveling with a passion. He opened up about how he spends the money he earns from some of the most iconic franchises. Cavill stated that he would often find himself going on holidays as an escape from his crowding schedule. Although he had a condition that came with it.

Fandomwire Video
Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

“I may diss some people when I say this traveling is only pleasant if you have the luxury of doing so first-class. Long-distance economy travel s*cks. Especially if you’re over six feet tall. I’m not going to pretend to be coy about that. I love first-class seats.”

The actor admitted that traveling is at its best when he gets to do it in terms of longer distances. However, he would not bear to be seated in anything but first class. Cavill believes that this preference can upset his fans, but he also acknowledged as to how being six feet tall comes with certain limitations. Limitations that, lucky for him, a first-class seat can solve.

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There is No Place Like Home for Henry Cavill

When asked about his favorite places to visit, Henry Cavill told Outlook Traveller that Prague would be among his top choices. However, he elaborated on how there could never be any place that would replace his home, New Jersey.

Henry Cavill at an event
Henry Cavill

“My most favourite place in the world, though, is home, New Jersey. It is magical for me. Beauport beach has a special place in my heart because of my memories of family barbecues down there. The Durrell Wildlife Park is a must-visit if you are coming down.”

Cavill expressed as to how the beach there had sentimental value, memories that got washed in the waves as he enjoyed the barbeques with his family.

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