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Long Term Plans For New Black Batman, Says DC

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A lot is going to change in the DC Universe now. The DC Future State is going to shake the very foundations of DC Comics. The DC Future State, a two month line wide event beginning from this month, will kick off a new era for DC. There are going to be tons of fresh faces taking on the mantles of our favorite, iconic superheroes’ mantles. While certainly not the most important one, the one you should be looking out for is DC’s new Black Batman. And if you thought that the Black Batman is going to be just a one time thing, you are dead wrong.

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John Ridley has something to say for those who think so. Ridley is currently in charge of writing DC Future State: The Next Batman. The comic book writer states the new Black Batman is in for the long haul. DC Comics will keep him around for a long time. He might also have hinted at the possibility of this new African-American Batman replacing Bruce Wayne.

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In an interview with CBR, the writer was heard saying:

“Going into the next phases, I can’t talk specifics for various reasons. But I can say that there is a long-term plan for what’s going to happen,” John Ridley said. “We wanted the story to feel unified. We don’t want it to feel like there’s a lot of different people operating in different spaces. That’s good for the storytelling, that’s good for the fans, and it’s good for a cohesive universe.”

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Ridley went on to add this:

“There is a very exciting plan in place. This project is the result of more than a year of thought, planning and improvising, as well as test driving things,” Ridley added. “What we want to do with Tim [Fox] is provide him with an infrastructure, a support system, and go into what’s been going on with Tim since his absence from the Batman corner of the universe.”

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Who Is The New Batman?

Tim Fox, the new Batman, will have a story similar to the way The Other History Of The DC Universe’s story arc was charted. DC is going to use elements used in earlier story arc sand mix them with something brand new to create elements that were never truly explored. Tim Fox’s complicated relationship with his family, an element which was the driving force behind Bruce Wayne’s Batman, is going to take center-stage for a while.

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Tim Fox will have a vivid array of adventures in Future State. Post that, there are plans to shell out the character even more and make him a formal addition to the Batman Universe. James Tynion IV was the first to tease that DC’s Black Batman will have a huge role to play in the future of the DC Universe. We never knew the true magnitude of his words until now.

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While other fresh faces are going to take up popular mantles like Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Nightwing, Catwoman, Shazam, and Swamp Thing, it is the new Batman we are excited for. How the Fox Family replaces the Waynes is something you should star looking out for as well.

The Premise

Before you jump into the bandwagon, here’s a little backstory released by DC Comics. In the future, Gotham City is ruled by a sinister authoritative regime called the Magistrate. Vigilantism has been outlawed. The city remains under constant surveillance and oppression by the Magistrate. Tim Fox assumes the role of an All-New Batman to inspire a new team of Guardians to save Gotham City.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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