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“Look at how big our spaceships are or how weird our planets look”: Rebel Moon Director Zack Snyder’s Subtle Dig at Star Wars for ‘Spoon-Feeding’ Their Fans?

"Look at how big our spaceships are or how weird our planets look": Rebel Moon Director Zack Snyder's Subtle Dig at Star Wars for 'Spoon-Feeding' Their Fans?

Zack Snyder has become synonymous with DC. However, his time with the franchise is over. James Gunn is currently the boss in charge of leading it to the next level. Snyder has moved away from the superhero business and joined the galactic business that’s more the bread and butter of Star Wars. He’s currently working with Netflix to make Rebel Moon, which was once a Star Wars script.

But he, later on, adapted it into an original story. However, the Star Wars remnants remain. Even if there aren’t any visible similarities with the world George Lucas created, no space opera project can escape scrutiny from that lens. However, Snyder insists that the galaxy he is making is vastly different from the one everyone knows till now.

Is Zack Snyder Dissing Star Wars With His Rebel Moon

Concept art of Rebel Moon
Concept art of Rebel Moon

In a Variety Fair interview, Zack Snyder opened up about his new Netflix film, Rebel Moon. He revealed that his main aim of the two-part film saga was to ground the sci-fi elements of the film so that the story feels organic. So instead of focusing on the spectacle all the time, he wanted audiences to go along with the journey organically.

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Snyder said:

“This movie was me going, ‘Of course, it’s a space opera, but let’s not lens it that way. Let’s lens it in a more intimate way, so that the sci-fi elements feel more grounded.’ We’re not always saying, ‘Look at how big our spaceships are or how weird our planets look!’ That happens, but it happens as an organic part of the world you’re in. You’re there, and so the things you see on that journey are not forced upon you or spoon-fed to you.”

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Still from Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
Still from Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Fans of Star Wars are suspicious that the Man of Steel director is dissing the franchise with his comment about spoon-feeding fans. After all, recent films set in the galaxy far far away have come under criticism for not having fleshed-out plots and only relying on nostalgia plus CGI to draw in audiences.

However, it doesn’t look like Snyder is dissing Star Wars. After all, the director is a big fan of that universe. Instead, it feels like he is making a general statement on how in big films, the plot and characters can get lost in the spectacle. In the interview, Snyder also explained the kind of world he wanted to build and it’s quite different from the Lucas-created one.

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Zack Snyder Explained What Kind Of World Rebel Moon Is

Bae Doona in Rebel Moon
Bae Doona in Rebel Moon

Zack Snyder divulged more details about Rebel Moon and explained that his saga will have the spectacle of big spaceships and alien worlds, but it will all be in line with the diesel-punk aesthetic. He said:

“It’s more of a dieselpunk world than a steampunk world. There is a sort of higher-energy source than gasoline since they have a way of jumping across vast swaths of the universe, but the technology hasn’t really changed in quite a while.”

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Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

So in Snyder’s universe, tech has stagnated due to a dictatorship that the heroes are trying to stand up against. Now, Star Wars definitely deals with such themes, but it doesn’t have anywhere near a diesel-punk aesthetic. As such, at least aesthetically, fans of the director will get to see something different from the George Lucas-created world.

Rebel Moon will premiere on December 22, 2023, on Netflix.

Source: Vanity Fair

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