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“Look out Super Mario”: Fast X Annihilates Keanu Reeves’ John Wick 4, Marvel’s Ant-Man 3 for 3rd Highest Grossing 2023 Movie as Vin Diesel Fans Target Chris Pratt’s $1B Film 

"Look out Super Mario": Fast X Annihilates Keanu Reeves' John Wick 4, Marvel's Ant-Man 3 for 3rd Highest Grossing 2023 Movie as Vin Diesel Fans Target Chris Pratt's $1B Film 

Every movie revolves around a plot. Yet there exist movies that are about something greater than that; movies that are an emotion. And then, there are movies that are about family. The Fast and the Furious franchise has built a reputation for itself, being the leading franchise in its niche. The tenth edition of the movie was expected to take the Box Office by storm, a feat which it has managed to achieve with remarkable ease.

Fast X runs into multiple snags

Vin Diesel in Fast X
Fast X had to overcome its fair share of difficulties

Fast X sees Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto lead his crew into the thick of the action once more (and probably the last time). The movie is the first part of a two-part (potentially three-part) finale to Universal’s highest-grossing franchise, the Fast Saga.

The movie had its fair share of obstacles. It first ran into a wall because of creative differences between Justin Lin and the higher echelons of the production studio. There were odd rumors about Vin Diesel taking too much power into his own hands.

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Fast X overcomes all odds to reach $500 million

Fast X
Fast X

Yet overcoming unfavorable odds is bread and butter for people involved in the Fast & Furious franchise, be it on the screen or off it. Director Louis Leterrier steadied the ship after a tumultuous period of confusion.

Despite all these hiccups, the end product was something to be proud of. The movie has definitely lived up to its hype, having amassed $500 million worldwide already.


The movie still has to fulfill its potential though and it is expected to continue making waves in the Box Office, putting The Super Mario Bros at a serious risk of losing its pole position this year.

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The Power of Family

Fast X
Fast X is expected to make a run for the highest-grossing films of the year

Chris Pratt’s The Super Mario Bros is the highest-grossing film of the year so far, standing firm at a stunning collection of $1 Billion. That record seems slightly under threat now.

This is indeed the power of Family.


The first part of the finale might just have set the tone for a blockbuster ending.

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