‘Looking for a roommate? I like mice’: Vocal Amber Heard Supporter Julia Fox Trolled for Rodent Infested NYC Apartment

'Looking for a roommate? I like mice': Vocal Amber Heard Supporter Julia Fox Trolled for Rodent Infested NYC Apartment

Julia Fox is an actress who rose to fame after her role in Uncut Gems. Although, she openly supported Amber Heard after the trial against Johnny Depp. Her latest vlog giving a tour of her house has gone viral and not in the most positive way. While a lot of people admire her candor, many pointed out how that may not have been the best decision.

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Julia Fox

Fox has often supported Amber Heard and stated that the actress’s loss would result in a lot of women suffering. While this had not been received well by the fans, she has also stood by singers like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez for the constant hate they get. Now, her house tour has provided insight into her personal life.

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Julia Fox Admits Her House Has Mice

Julia Fox recently went on TikTok and gave a tour of her entire house. She briefly explained every section of her place and how mundane her lifestyle is. She just wanted to show her friends how simply she lives and how not every celebrity is supposed to be accustomed to a lavish lifestyle. She gave a brief overview of how she and her son Valentino live. Most of her house was revolving around her son’s comfort and that touched the fans’ hearts a lot. However, there was one detail that struck out more than the rest.

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Julia Fox

“It’s a problem depending on how you look at it. I kind of let them rock. I appreciate that at night while we’re sleeping they’d come out and clean up the crumbs that my son drops on the floor.”

Fox admitted that her house was infested with mice and while they do pose a problem, she does not mind them as much because they clean up after her son’s mess. Especially when he drops crumbs everywhere. Her house also had photos of all the friends she missed dearly after they had passed, surprisingly even having ashes of theirs in urns hanging from mirrors and kept on the windows.

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Fans Troll Julia Fox For Avoiding Mice Problem

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Julia Fox got heavily trolled for her avoiding acknowledging the mice loitering in her house and getting rid of them. They even mocked how she is perhaps lazy to vacuum if her son makes a mess and is only trying to justify her mess around her.

While fans highly enjoyed the actress showcasing her house and making people feel as if they are also one with the celebrities. They could not help pointing out the various urns and ashes of the dead as well as the mice living in her house being normalized in some form of way.

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