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‘Looking forward to our scene tomorrow Robert’: Marvel Star Actor Sebastian Stan Dissed Robert Downey Jr With Video of Him Doing Intense Bicep Curls in Front of a Decapitated Iron Man Head

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In Avengers: Endgame, all the superheroes had stood on a united front against Thanos to defeat the supervillain and save the planet. But people often end up forgetting that if they remove times like these from the equation, wherein the superheroes had no other choice but to fight together against a common threat, the Avengers had actually witnessed quite a lot of bloodshed amongst themselves.

Avengers FandomWire
The Avengers

Rewind back to Captain America: Civil War, when the world’s most famous superheroes had been divided into two formidable factions, one which was led by Captain America and the other by Iron Man.

And a particular fight scene from the 2016 film happens to have a rather amusing “behind the scene” story, involving Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier.

The hilarious story behind Bucky and Iron Man’s fight scene

In Captain America: Civil War, fans witness a vehement fight scene wherein Iron Man is going against Captain America and Bucky Barnes. After Zemo reveals it to Tony Stark that it was Bucky Barnes, aka, the Winter Soldier who had been the culprit behind his parent’s demise, the multimillionaire superhero naturally ends up flipping out. Add another bout of fury is set off by the fact that Captain America had already been privy to that information.

This leads to a major fight scene in the film wherein Bucky and Tony are seen going against each other with all their might, with the sole purpose of trying to put the other one down. But the story behind this scene is actually hilarious.

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Winter Solider and Iron Man
Winter Solider and Iron Man’s fight scene

Just a day before the actors were to shoot the intense fight scene, Sebastian Sean sent a video of himself to Robert Downey Jr., wherein the former is seen doing a fervent set of bicep curls in front of a decapitated Iron Man head. And he titled this video message with a witty caption saying, “Looking forward to our scene tomorrow Robert.” 

It’s definitely amusing to see the stark contrast between the tidbits of the actual scene and what went on behind the camera.

Marvel actors and their amusing “behind the scene” incidents

This was neither the first nor the only time the cast of Marvel had indulged in such funny situations when they were not posing for the camera. Like that time when Chris Evans was practically fighting for his life trying to open a door in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Or that unforgettable blooper from Spider-Man: No Way Home wherein Doctor Strange kept slipping on the all the snow and ice that had been a result of the blizzard that unfolded in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange in No Way Home

And let’s not forget the epic fail from No Way Home when Tom Holland had accidentally farted on Zendaya during the filming of one of their stunts which required the couple to swing from a building.

The list just goes on and on. And perhaps that is also what makes the audience warm up to the actors outside of the roles they play in films.

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