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“Looking Ripped”: Muscle God Henry Cavill, Who Disciplined Himself into Getting Superman Abs, Complimented The Witcher Star Joey Batey’s Chiselled Body

Muscle God Henry Cavill, Who Disciplined Himself into Getting Superman Abs, Complimented The Witcher Star Joey Batey's Chiselled Body

Henry Cavill spent a lot of time honing his muscles to perfection during his time in DC. Well, being Superman comes with its own struggles obviously.

However, it was his rigorous training to maintain the shape was one of the reasons that landed him another one of his most iconic roles to date in The Witcher along with his own affinity for the original video games.

Henry Cavill at Comic-Con
Henry Cavill at Comic-Con

As such, it can be guessed just how important working out is to him. Especially, because it was his lack of a well-maintained physique that once lost him his dream role as James Bond.

As a result, when someone like that goes out of his way to compliment someone else’s physique it immediately charms everyone. As it did when Henry Cavill complimented his The Witcher co-star Joey Batey in an interview last year.

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Henry Cavill admires Joey Batey’s ripped body

The interesting interaction occurred when the cast of The Witcher 2 had a sit-down post the show’s airing. When asked about their favorite scenes from the series, Joey Batey revealed that a particular sequence that required him to shed his clothes to take a dip into a lake became his favorite for various reasons. He started explaining

“What sticks to my mind is my first day of shooting after the pandemic. Just coming back. And I was- we were halfway up the mountain in the Lake District, and it was just the first time that- I guess you guys had done a bit of shooting before the hiatus, and then I was sitting around in my room for six, eight months, and I don’t know, it was a complicated scene, and there was an awful lot of dialogue. And I was just freezing my pants off in a lake in the middle of January, whenever it was.”

Henry Cavill, though, interrupted him with an amusing and yet appreciative, “Looking ripped.” Adding more humor to the story Batey joked that he just didn’t eat during that time when asked if doing sit-ups are all that he did during those months. Before making another quip, “It’s not that hard.”

Joey Batey in The Witcher season 2
Joey Batey in The Witcher Season 2

Well, given the way people struggle going to the gym for a week straight let alone getting “ripped,” for most of the popularity it really is that hard. Then again, most of the popularity doesn’t get to sing to the Valley of Plenty to toss a coin to their Witcher in the melodious voice of Jaskier the Bard.

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Henry Cavill’s rigorous training for Man of Steel 

Henry Cavill had to go through a 6 months period of “excruciating” training to look the part for what is hailed to be one of the greatest Superman movies ever made according to fans. Now obviously although he was not a newbie, he couldn’t have pulled it off alone.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

So he hired Mark Twight, who was responsible for overseeing the physical training of the 300 cast. However, he had to pass sort of a test before Twight would actually acquiesce to training him unbeknownst to him.

The star once admitted that when they first met, Twight asked him if he wanted to use steroids to achieve the physique he needed, and he cleared that test with flying colors when he immediately refused.

Henry Cavill in Netflix's The Witcher
Netflix’s The Witcher Season 3 Trailer

Twight said, “Good because if you did, I wouldn’t train you,” according to Henry Cavill. As such, it’s more than evident how much real hard work he put into achieving something that to a lot of people is their dream. So his appreciation of Joey Batey’s physique does not come out of the blue.

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Unfortunately, though, his journey as Geralt of Rivia would end when The Witcher season 3 arrives next month as he will be passing the mantle to Liam Hemsworth. This news was especially heartbreaking for fans as after James Gunn’s takeover his Superman days too are over.

Thankfully, though to the rejoicing of fans, he has quite a lot of projects lined up for the coming years to keep his on-screen appearances steady.

The Witcher season 3 is arriving on Netflix on June 29th, 2023.

Source: The Witcher Netflix on YouTube

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