“Looks like a game-changer”: Fortnite’s Metallica Collab Trailer is Getting Some Serious Plaudits From Most Fans, Whilst Some Pessimists Can’t Complain Enough

Some Fortnite players just hate fun and music.

Fortnite Metallica Collab


  • Some players are not too optimistic about the upcoming Fortnite Festival.
  • The gaming community is divided down the middle about the Metallica concert.
  • Fortnite will be hosting an in-game concert featuring Metallica and a new game mode.
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Fortnite has been around for a few years now and it is one of the rare few live service games to remain relevant. The developers deserve all the praise and credit for their collaborative nature with other major media franchises which also covered bands from the music industry.


Epic Games released the latest trailer for the Metallica collaboration and it was received with mixed opinions from the gaming community. Some are excited about the upcoming collaboration while there are those pessimistic party-poopers who hate having a good time and music.

Metallica Is Coming to Fortnite and Not Everyone Is Thrilled

Music is not everyone's cup of tea in a live-service game like Fortnite.
Music is not everyone’s cup of tea in a live-service game like Fortnite.

It wasn’t long ago when leaks were slowly coming out of the woodwork about Metallica being featured in an upcoming in-game concert in Fortnite. The iconic band has a strong influence on the gaming community and Epic Games did not hesitate and reached out to make something happen, unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of this ambitious collaboration.


The upcoming Festival seems to feature a new game mode for players to try either solo or with a full group to form a band. Recent leaks also suggest that this new game mode will have a similar gameplay to Guitar Hero and could become a decent alternative for the game.


There are two sides to the modern gaming community, there is one half that is always game for whatever the developers have to offer and accepts it for what it is wholeheartedly.

Then there is the other half that is against fun. Players are blind to change and refuse to let others have fun because they believe this structure is not a good match for the live service game.


The gaming community should learn to worry less, let loose, and have fun more often. Video games are meant for entertainment and competitive players are thinking about it too much which removes the entertainment factor and affects their experience.

There is more to life than complaining. There is an option to remain completely silent on the subject without ruining the experience for those who are excited about something. It is never fun to be that kind of person who is too entitled.


Fortnite Players Should Learn to Live a Little

Fortnite isn't always about winning a battle royale match.
Fortnite isn’t always about winning a battle royale match.

Live service games have corrupted how the gaming community views the genre. The multiplayer experience is not for the faint of heart especially if they are unfortunate enough to land in one of the more competitive lobbies, if the Festival game mode is not for them then they can choose to remain in competitive matches.

The problem here is that players believe everything is intended for them when in reality, the developers are experimenting with the formula. The competitive nature has taken over and made them blind to potential.

Video games are meant for fun and taking it away by being critical is far from ideal. Perhaps players should give it a shot before tearing it to bits and affecting everyone else’s experience.


Epic Games should be commended for giving fans of the band a rare experience that most bands do not.

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