Lord Of The Rings: 5 Quotes From Fellowship Members That Sum Up Their Personalities

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As the premiere of Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is coming closer, fans are eager to step into the Middle-Earth once again. The highly-anticipated Tolkien series will take place thousands of years before the characters from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings adaptation. Here are the best lines that define some of the Fellowship members from The Lord of the Rings trilogy:


Aragorn: “If By My Life Or Death I Can Protect You, I Will. You Have My Sword.”

Aragorn Lord of the Rings

Aragorn is the heir to the throne of Gondor, and he possesses the excellent qualities of his predecessors. With many lessons that men can learn from the past, he never let those mistakes define him. Instead, Aragorn chose his destiny and became worthy.


He is always generous and gallant, and he never wanted fame or glory for personal reasons. Aragorn cared for people, and that is evident when he pledged to protect Frodo. No matter how dire the situation was, he still kept his faith even if it meant sacrificing his life.

Boromir: “To Let That Fear Drive Us, To Destroy What Hope We Have — That Is Madness!”

Boromir LOTR

There are certain complicated characters in the series, and that makes them even more intriguing. Boromir is the best example of someone whose judgment is always on the brink of doom. He has a difficult time discerning what is right and what is best for all.


Indeed, he is in the correct position to tell Frodo that fear is something that we should not let take over us, but he also did not realize the same thing for himself. Boromir wants to do good things yet constantly fails to make the right decisions.

Legolas: “You Would Die Before Your Stroke Fell!”

Legolas Lord of the Rings

If loyalty had a face, it would be Legolas. He is gentle, wise, and devoted, and he commits to his duty to protect others. Gimli and Legolas always seem to disagree, and the latter even said he could not be friends with the other. Despite so, he saved Gimli when times called.


Eventually, they became an iconic duo, just like Sam and Frodo. Legolas has negative traits and flaws, too, but his reputation always precedes him, and that makes him one of the best characters in The Lord of the Rings.

Frodo: “I Will Take The Ring, Though I Do Not Know The Way.”

Frodo Lord of the Rings

Frodo is a hobbit with no special skills or even magic powers, and he is the least likely of the options to bring the One Ring to Mordor and make sure Sauron is forever gone. He cannot even compare to Legolas’ skills or Aragorn’s leadership, but he has an indomitable spirit.


This is the reason why the quest is for him. Frodo has the will to sacrifice despite not knowing how or why, or what to do even. He just knew that it has to be done.

Sam: “But In The End, It’s Only A Passing Thing, This Shadow. Even Darkness Must Pass.”

Sam Lord of the Rings

Sam is quite the supportive friend who would never leave Frodo behind. Like his friend, he is not extraordinary, but he has a heart of gold that always makes people feel motivated around him.


He reminds everyone, especially Frodo, that there are brighter days ahead and that hope is always at the end of every struggle.

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