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Lord Of The Rings: All The Known Rings & What They Do, Explained

The Rings of Power are scattered across Middle Earth. Each holds secrets aplenty. Each grants abilities unique. Let’s dive in and find out.


In the tales of Middle Earth, there were three rings given to the Elven realms. One of them was nenya, otherwise known as the Ring of Water. Nenya was wielded by Galadriel. The Ring of Water allowed its wielder to preserve and protect things. It was with Nenya’s help that Galadriel helped her Kingdom flourish and kept it concealed from Sauron’s gaze. When Frodo destroyed the One Ring, Nenya lost its power.

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The Narya has a better name in the Tolkien-Verse. Its referred to as the Ring of Fire. The wielder of Narya can inspire hope and boost morale in others. The ring was one of the three Elven rings that did not come under the jurisdiction of Sauron. Originally worn by a dwarf, the Narya was then given to Gandalf. He used it in his quest against Sauron and the armies of Mordor.


The Vilya’s powers are shrouded in mystery. And that is what makes it the most interesting of the three Elven Rings. It is also known as the Ring of Air. No one knows its true power but from legends scattered across Middle Earth, it can be deduced that the Ring of Air is how Elrond manages to protect the sanctity of Rivendell, one of the final strongholds of the Elves. The Ring of Air’s power is also somehow connected to the water horses that were summoned to attack the Ring-Wraiths that were chasing Frodo.

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The Seven

Of all the rings forged by Sauron, seven rings were distributed amongst the Dwarves. The rings went to the head of the most powerful Dwarfish clans. There’s no official confirmation on the seven rings’ abilities. Since they were created by Sauron, we can narrow it down to some basic abilities at the very least. They granted the wielders enhanced lifespans, almost bordering on near immortality. But since the Seven Dwarfish rings were forged by Sauron, they would end up corrupting the wielders, who would end up serving Sauron in the end. Many of the Seven rings were destroyed by dragon fire. The remaining were reclaimed by Sauron.

The Nine

Unlike the Seven, the human lords and kings that received the Nine rings were easily corrupted by Sauron’s influence. The Nine rings came under the possession of powerful human royalty. The rings granted them enhanced lifespans, incredible power, and a plethora of wealth beyond their wildest imaginations. But it also ended up turning them into Sauron’s most fearsome slave lieutenants – the infamous Ring-Wraiths.

The Ring of Barahir

The Ring of Barahir holds no power. It does not grant the wielder any special abilities. It was created as a powerful family heirloom passed down from one royal generation to another. The Ring of Barahir was eventually within the possession of the Elves. It was later given to the Royal Numenor family. Elrond handed over the Ring of Barahir along with the shards of the broken sword Narsil. The ring ended up in the hands of Aragorn, who eventually gave it to Arwen, as a symbol of their union.

The Lesser Rings

During the early phases of the Lord Of the Rings series, Gandalf mentions something really interesting. He mentions the existence of rings called the Lesser Rings, Forged in the Elven furnaces of Eregion, the Lesser Rings were mere trifles and trinkets. They did possess power but it was nowhere near the level of impressive abilities the Rings of Power granted its wielders. Gandalf hoped that the Ring in Bilbo Baggins possession would turn out to be one of the Lesser Rings. these rings never posed any threat to the peace and sanctity of the realm of Middle Earth since they boasted of negligible power.

The One Ring

The master of all the Rings of Power was the One Ring To Rule Them All. Forged by Sauron to control the wearers of all the other Rings of Power, this was the most powerful Ring in the history of Lord Of the Rings. The One Ring had a peculiar ability to seek out the strongest of suitors. The stronger its wielder was, the quicker the One Ring managed to corrupt him. The One Ring possesses no unique abilities of its own. It relies on amplifying the skills and abilities of the pre-existent power of the wielder. The One Ring can also transport its wearer to the infamous Wraith World. This is the world where the Ring-Wraiths await hungrily. This also allows the wielder of the One Ring to achieve pseudo-invisibility.

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The Ring of Celebrimbor

Celebrimbor is a legendary figure dating back to ancient mythology within the Lord Of The Rings universe. In the legends, it is said that it was the Elven Prince Celebrimbor who came up with the idea of forging Rings of Power. He was responsible for the creation of the three Elven Rings. After capturing Celebrimbor, Sauron tortured and interrogated him, learning about the Rings of Power and how to forge them. after Celebrimbor perished, his corpse was used as a war banner by sauron and his armies. The Ring of Celebrimbor comes impossibly close to matching the power levels of the One Ring. Sauron managed to defeat Elatriel, wielder of Celebrimbor’s Ring but nearly died in the process.

Saruman’s Ring

Yep! Didn’t expect to see him here did you now?!?! Believe it or not, Saruman also had a ring that could emulate the powers of the Rings of Power. And he was skillful enough to have forged it himself. Ever thought why no one tried to forge another One Ring after Sauron’s fall? Truth is, Saruman did try. And he came dangerously close to succeeding in it. At Orthanc, Gandalf seeks the council of Saruman. There he notices Saruman is wearing a peculiar Ring. Saruman later refers to himself as “Ring-Maker”, cementing his status. Saruman’s Rings are seldom seen or mentioned in the movies and books later on. Maybe the Ring had the power to conceal itself like the three Elven Rings. The more likely explanation is that Sauron managed to consume and corrupt Saruman via the ring worn by the Ring-Maker wizard.

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