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“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

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And thus with those words, the entire realm was made aware of Sauron’s Treachery. The One Ring of Power gave Sauron power over all existence. Yet there are so many secrets to The One Ring to Rule Them All.


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The Ring’s Destruction Did Not Kill Sauron

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After Frodo threw the Ring into the burning magma of Mount Doom, Sauron’s wrath and tyranny was locked away forever. But he was not destroyed completely. Sauron is still alive in the spirit world. Gandalf said that when the One Ring of Power crumbles into dust, Sauron loses his greatest strength and is “maimed forever”. Right now, Sauron exist as a spirit of pure malice and chaos, forever cursed to roam the world as a demented wanderer. The Ring’s destruction destroyed almost the entire essence of Sauron since he had poured almost all his life force into the ring.

Does Not Actually Turn the Wearer ‘Invisible’

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Many a times we saw Frodo wear the Ring and turn completely invisible to his enemies. That is a common misconception. The One Ring does not turn its wearer invisible. It merely transports them to an extra-dimensional realm connected to the physical world called the Wraith-World. The Wraith-World or the Unseen World is a realm where beings of powerful magic like the Ring Wraiths reside. Every time Frodo wears the One Ring, heis actually slipping into the Wraith World. A being like Arwen, who has strong magical ties to the Wraith World, can see Frodo crystal clear if he wears the One Ring.

Made Out of Gold

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What is the Ring forged out of? That had been a topic of intense debate and discussion for all fans of Lord of the Rings. The answer finally came with the release of History of Middle Earth, a series of twelve books that contains Tolkiens initial manuscripts and unpublished notes for Lord of the Rings. The tenth entry of the series – Morgoth’s Ring, tells us that the One Ring was made by Sauron out of pure Mordor Gold since that was also the metal his master and mentor Morgoth had used to gain power. In the Lord of the Rings Universe, Gold is said to be a very corrupt metal while silver is held in high regard. There is a reason why almost all Elven weapons have tinges of silver in them.

Can Speak

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We have seen the One Ring sow seeds of fear and conflict within the Fellowship. Whomever it ended up with, the Ring managed to corrupt them to their core. It wants to get back to its master Sauron and the One Ring will do anything to achieve that goal. Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy showed us that the reason the One Ring manages to do that is because it is basically a transmitter that relays Sauron’s voice to the people near the Ring. Sauron speaks in Black Speech, the native language of Mordor. The One Ring can repeat words of Sauron chanting the Ring’s inscriptions on loop, generating widespread discontent within its vicinity.

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Cannot Control the Elven Rings

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Many Rings of Power were made. Some were given to the Humans. Some ended up with the Dwarves. The rest ended up with the Elves. To be precise, there were three Elven Rings. The common myth is that Sauron created all the rings. That is not true. Sauron disguised himself as Annatar, a beautiful and kind Elven Lord who taught the Elves Ancient Magic and Art. Annatar, with the help of a famous Elven Smith Celebrimbor, forged the three Elven Rings. Sauron’s hand in forging them created a strong connection between hm and the Three Rings. But Celebrimbor forged the Three Rings in secret. Celebrimbor did use Sauron’s blueprints to make the rings.


Gandalf with the One Ring will be more powerful than Sauron

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In one of his letters, Tolkien claims that if Gandalf would have become the Ring Lord, things would have been far worse. Gandalf has a very strong moral compass and a sense of righteousness. As the Ring Lord, Gandalf would have exerted this ‘righteousness’ to the rest of the world, ruling over it and maintaining order. His reign would have been way worse than anything Middle Earth had ever seen.


Cannot Corrupt Tom Bombadil

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In the movie trilogy and the book series, the ring was offered to Gandalf, Galadriel, as well as Aragorn. All three of them refused to carry the burden of power. The reason they believed was that the One Ring has a way of imploring the wearers’ deepest and darkest desires, pushing them towards darkness. Frodo was the only one who managed to resist the One Ring’s twisted charms for the longest period of time. But there is one being in the entire Lord of the Rings Universe who has carried the One Ring and remained unaffected. Tom Bombadil was introduced in The Fellowship of the Ring. He has also held the ring in his hands but it never corrupted him. Some say the reason Tom Bombadil is immune is because he is secretly the Entity of Creation.


Size-Altering Abilities

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The Ring has exchanged hands with many wearers that came after Sauron. Bilbo, Frodo, Isildur, Gollum – everyone has worn the ring. Each individual has a different finger size and yet the One Ring fits each perfectly. Gandalf explains in The Fellowship of The Ring that the One Ring of Power has shape shifting powers. It can change its size to fit the size of its wearer. Ultimately, it is just an ability to help it get back to Sauron. The Ring matches the size of the wearer to hitch a ride to the land of Mordor and in the hands of Sauron.


Special Reality Warping Powers

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The One Ring of Power has a tendency to change the fabric of reality around it. People close to it are sometimes gravely affected. In the books, when Sam goes to rescue Frodo from the Orcs of Cirith Ungol, he turns into a nightmarish ghost like entity that scares the living daylights out of theOrcs, who run away in fear. Frodo has also been trans-morphed by the Ring’s power, turning into a being of white light with his “chest holding a nameless menace of power and doom”. The Ring tends to have mystical abilities yet to be deciphered in detail.


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