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Love And Thunder: Ending Explained

Thor: Love and Thunder is the fourth film in the Thor franchise, and easily one of, if not the best. It takes Thor a tremendous journey with an ending that no one could of expected. If your’re still confused about the ending or just looking for some more clarification, youre in the right place.


Ending Explained:

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(L-R): Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor and Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Marvel Studios’ THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER. Photo by Jasin Boland. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.

The final act of Thor: Love and Thunder was one of the most exciting in the MCU to date. In a final battle against Gorr, Thor enchants the children he has been fighting to save with the power of Zeus, using the Bolt they stole earlier in the film. The children attend to the shadow monsters in epic fashion, as Thor leaps into battle with Gorr, who is trying to open the gate to Eternity using Stormbreaker’s bifrost. As the battle goes on our beloved Thor begins to lose his edge, and just as all has seemed to be lost, Jane arrives once again weilding Mjolnir. Thor explained earlier in the film, if she were to use the hammer again, it would end her life for certain, making this moment all the more meaningful. Jane begins to battle Gorr and as the battle nears its end, the two Thors manage to get the Necro Sword to shatter. Jane then uses the power of Mjolnir to consume the necrosword pieces in the shards of Mjolnir, seemingly destroying Mjolnir and the Necro Sword in the process. Just when we think it’s over, they are transported to none other than the middle of the universe, the home of Eternity. While Thor tends to Jane, who is now dying without Mjolnir, Gorr gets ready to make his one wish, to kill all gods. Just before he can make his decision though, Thor begins to sympathize with him, telling him all that he has lost along his journey. After the two share a moment of greif, Gorr decides to change his mind. On his knees and wheeping , Gorr begs Thor to take care of his daughter, as she deserves the second chance. Gorr then makes his wish, which although she is identical to Gorr’s daughter, she is now the daughhter of Eternity.

After this, we are then brought to a new envoirnment, a much more cozy one at that. We see Thor making pancakes for his newly adopted-ish child, the daughter of Gorr, now ressurected as the daughter of Eternity. The two share a few jokes before stepping out of their ship, which looks about as closes to a space RV that you can get, if you ask me. The two overlook a battle ensuing on the beach below. With Thor wielding Mjolnir, and the daughter of Eternity weilding stormbreaker, the two sprint to the action. This also where we learn the meaning of the movies title, The daughter of Eternity being the love, and Thor being the Thunder.

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WIth the ending leaving off on the note that it did, it doesnt leave many certain outcomes for the future, but there’s always room to theorize. From what we know, the daughter of eternity is now weilding stormbreaker, and while her true power is still unknown, we have to assume she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. As we learned previously Stormbreaker does not hold the same powers as Mjolnir. While Mjolnir gives the weilder the powers of The Mighty Thor, Stormbreaker only amplifies and controls the power one already has. This being said we can assume the daughter of eternity has some serious power, being that she either needs stormbreaker to control it, or is just using it to amplify her power. As for Thor himself, it seems we’ll finally see him reunited with his old friend Mjolnir in the next film, and with some of those sweet new moves we saw early in the film.

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