‘Love is a Great Thing’: Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Rushed Wedding Because She Knew Ben Affleck Would Get Cold Feet

Having an illustrious career since his big break in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused, Ben Affleck has always been in the public eye and the bread and butter for the paparazzi. Recently, the actor has seen portraying Batman in Zack Snyder’s controversial Snyderverse.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were at the location of the accident with his son.

Earlier this year, the actor was in the news as his son had crashed an expensive car, the actor was called out on the internet and tagged irresponsible for letting it happen. His now-wife Jennifer Lopez was with him at the incident too.

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Similarly, Jennifer Lopez has also always been in the public eye, being a singer and a performer, it is rather difficult for such a person to have any privacy in life. Commenting on the same in an interview with Giant Magazine, she stated:

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“People wonder why Britney or Lindsay or Paris is acting crazy, but they don’t know what it means not to be able to walk outside your house…”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s history

The “On the Floor” singer and Ben Affleck first meet on the sets of Gigli in 2002 a rom-com flop. Despite announcing their engagement in the same year, it didn’t result in a wedding and the pair ended their relationship in 2004.

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Bennifer starred together in Lopez’s music video for ‘Jenny From The Block.’

After going through a string of relationships, a few of which resulted in a wedding, none of them latest for the two celebrities. Then in May of 2021, they rekindled their romance and were engaged within the year.


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Bennifer tie the knot

After teasing the possibility of a wedding, the couple finally got hitched in a private wedding last week. The pair performed the surprise wedding in Las Vegas and were joined only by their kids. Marca reported through a source that Jennifer Lopez was eager to get married, they stated:

“[Lopez] has been ready to get married since the night that Ben proposed. She wanted to lock this down and remove any chance for cold feet ASAP”

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Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck reportedly proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a giant green emerald ring.

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It was further reported that the singer intended to marry Ben Affleck since the proposal, and was concerned the delay would result in them breaking up, as was the case the last time they were in a relationship.

Source: Marca


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