Luca Guadagnino Directed Zendaya’s First Scene With Josh O’Connor Through an iPad, Still Managed to Deliver Arguably the Best Scene From Challengers

Josh O'Connor and Zendaya’s memorable first scene in ‘Challengers’ was apparently shot on iPad.

Luca Guadagnino, Zendaya Josh O’Connor in Challengers
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  • Josh O'Connor and Zendaya reveal their first scene together in Challengers was the intimate hotel lobby scene.
  • It was Luca Guadagnino who created a safe environment for the actors, which allowed them to open up and work.
  • O'Connor and Zendaya revealed how Guadagnino implemented unconventional method and shot their first scene through an iPad.
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In the world of filmmaking, directors often employ innovative methods to capture the perfect shot. But what the acclaimed director of Call Me By Your Name, Luca Guadagnino did with Challengers was truly bizarre. Apparently, Guadagnino took an unconventional approach while filming Zendaya’s first scene with Josh O’Connor in the raunchy tennis drama.

Luca Guadagnino at Call Me By Your Name Press Conference | image: Wikimedia Commons
Luca Guadagnino at Call Me By Your Name Press Conference | image: Wikimedia Commons

Following the release of Challengers, Josh O’Connor and Zendaya addressed their first scene together in the movie. While speaking about their steamy intimate scene, the duo revealed it was actually the hotel lobby scene that they first shot together. But the stunning part about that sequence remains how Luca Guadagnino apparently shot it through an iPad.

Josh O’Connor and Zendaya Address Their First Challengers Scene

Josh O’Connor and Zendaya led the recently released sports drama Challengers alongside Mike Faist, wherein the three shared a few of the most steamy scenes in cinematic history. However, although the threesome sequences were truly jaw-dropping, fans somehow felt O’Connor and the MCU actress’ intimate scenes were beyond comparison.


Therefore, addressing their initial intimate scenes in Challengers, as per Film Updates, Josh O’Connor and Zendaya spoke about the pivotal moment that marked the beginning of their on-screen collaboration. The raw sequence further helped set the tone for their characters’ complex relationship.

Zendaya and Josh O’Connor
Zendaya and Josh O’Connor’s first scene in Luca Guadagnino‘s Challengers

According to Josh O’Connor and Zendaya, their first collaborative and intimate scene from Challengers was the hotel lobby scene in Atlanta. Addressing how the sequence became a crucial moment in the film, as it introduced the tension and chemistry between O’Connor and Zendaya’s characters, the two actors hailed Luca Guadagnino for it.

Luca Guadagnino Allegedly Shot the Streamy Sequence Through an iPad

Praising Luca Guadagnino’s unique approach, the two actors stated how the filmmaker created a supportive and collaborative environment for them to fully immerse in their roles. Speaking highly of Guadagnino’s direction, and praising his ability to create a comfortable workspace, Josh O’Connor and Zendaya expressed their admiration for Guadagnino’s innovative approach.


During the discussion, according to Film Updates, Josh O’Connor and Zendaya disclosed Luca Guadagnino’s unorthodox approach to shooting. Claiming how he utilized technology to guide his stars through the scene, the Challengers actors claimed that Guadagnino apparently directed their hotel lobby scene through an iPad.


While Luca Guadagnino’s use of technology to direct pivotal scenes in Challengers came as proof of the evolving nature of filmmaking, it also served as a reminder of the director’s iconic skills. Despite shooting it on a low-resolution iPad camera, compared to high-tech film cameras, Guadagnino managed to deliver arguably the best scene in the movie.


Challengers is currently running at your nearest theatres. 


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