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Lucifer: 23 Most Hilarious Jokes

Lucifer jokes and memes are here. Lucifer is fresh and hot on Netflix. And the Crown prince of Darkness’ escapades has left the fandom in delight. The whole show till now is completely ridiculous. It is full of the occult and yet enjoyable. And that is because of great acting by the impeccable cast. And also good, witty writing that just complements the characters.

Lucifer: 23 Most Hilarious Jokes

A lot more characters have come in the latest season. A few will leave and there is a lot of hell to raise. But for now, here are a few Lucifer jokes and memes from Reddit and Tumblr to raise your mood.

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The devil was in the details, you all.

Not that we are blaming. We love the breakdowns and the diva behavior.

Lucifer when literally anything happens. from lucifer

It’s like the upgrade option meme. But with a lottery at the end.

The dream team, perfectly balanced with good and evil.

Love seeing these two team up! from lucifer

To be fair, Dan would name Lucifer.


How are they still in business? But the pull of a man who calls himself the devil would be obviously great anyways.

I mean at this point it’s pretty ridiculous that they’re still in business from lucifer

We would do the same for the little munchkin.

“Hellloooo Detectiveeeeee.”

Detectiveee from lucifer

I am his security blanket. And on some odd days, he is mine.

We absolutely adore her. And you must too.

Me again, lads and lasses. Ellas the best character, no one can tell me otherwise from lucifer

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Two kids but one of them being millions of years old

Ooofff, too relatable. Sorry.

[NO SPOILER] There are times when I relate to Lucifer. from lucifer

Please pick a side, hot demon lady.

Two kings of Netflix that we absolutely adore. Quite apt.

Same energy. from lucifer

Again, the devil was in the details all along.

And we will do it again. Devour the seasons and stan the characters.

Season 5B from lucifer

We can visualize him giggling and showing it to everyone. Ella at first. Then, they’ll probably watch it together.


Well, God does work in mysterious ways.

God’s plan from lucifer

Proceeds to torment him every day at the office and record it, like Gina Linetti.


This one has just aged better with time by now.

???? from lucifer

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What a thoughtful young man. Lucifer would love to exchange notes with him.

Something I think Lucifer would say from lucifer

“This was not in the handbook of God’s army.” But honestly, we don’t blame him.


Had to do this. Sorry. Enjoy and savor the wonderful show, Luci-fans.

Face the facts 🙁 from lucifer


These were a few of our favorite Lucifer jokes and memes. Do you have any more? Feel free to share your favorite ones with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and more.

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