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Lucifer Season 5 Show Runners Address Chloe Miracle Baby Twist

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The fifth season of Lucifer aired on Netflix a few days ago. It was supposed to give us answers but ended up piling up a huge heap of questions instead. Lucifer was back but the twists in the stories kept adding up, making Lucifer Season 5 a convoluted mesh. One particular person of interest in the fifth season’s premise was Chloe Decker, who turned out to be someone and something completely else. Chloe Decker is not who you thought she is. And Lucifer Season 5’s Show Runners address this new Chloe Miracle Baby Twist.

Lucifer Season 5 Chloe and Lucifer

One question that kept lingering throughout the many seasons of the show was – Why does Chloe remain immune to the powers of Lucifer Morningstar? Why did her bullet hurt him, the Guardian of Hell and a Fallen Angel? Why does Lauren German’s Chloe Decker make Tom Ellis’ Lucifer bleed?

In previous seasons, this question was given a definitive explanation. Chloe Decker was no ordinary human being. She was what one would call a Miracle Baby, created by God him-self. Although her back story was given a Godly origin tale, it still did not explain why she could hurt Lucifer. The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is very simple. It is a truth that is related to the Angel-Kind’s powers of self-actualization.

Lucifer Chloe Lucifer on Rooftop

The explanation is simple and slick: Lucifer gets hurt by Chloe Decker because in his subconscious mind, he chooses to be vulnerable around her. Even with the Godly Origin revelation, Chloe still had unrequited feelings for him and she finally got a chance to consummate her growing relationship with Lucifer in Episode 6. And then of course in pretty much Lucifer like fashion, this opened a whole new can of worms. Lucifer steeled up, regaining his ability after his sexual encounter with Chloe. God arrived in the mid-season finale. This only complicated matters.

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Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich sat down for a chat to address these queries of the fans. They helped explain why the twists that happened in Season 5 happened in the first place. More importantly, they gave us vital clues regarding Chloe’s Miracle Baby reveal and the possible implications.

Ildy Modrovich was asked about why the show runners chose to go with the Chloe Reveal early on and let season 5 be driven almost on that single boat. To this, Modrovich replied:

Lucifer ildy modrovich joe henderson interview

Whenever our will-they-won’t-they gets a little too “will-they,” we think of not ways to drive them apart just to do it, but we try to make it as relatable as possible in that people get in their own way. What is it about this piece of information that sounds in a way [like] a good thing — she’s a gift – but what would that make you feel if you were Chloe? Would you feel you were just an object for somebody else? I think that’s a real thing for her to contend with.

So Lucifer basically remains oblivious to Chloe’s concerns. She has been treated around like an object all her life. She is even aware of her heritage and origins, subconsciously of course. Lucifer never has the luxury of seeing things from Chloe’s perspective.

Lucifer Season 5 Chloe Kissing Lucifer

Chloe has had encounters with complicated relationships way before Lucifer came into the scene. Chloe’s Ex told Lucifer that she has trouble getting past a relationship when the element of mystery fades away. Joe Henderson is quick to point out why it was something the writers had thought about as a plot element early on.

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I think on any show it’s always a concern; it’s the whole Moonlighting curse/caution. But to us, it was always just about, “How do we make sure there’s still plenty of mileage on this relationship? How do we get them together but show that there’s still plenty of conflict between them?” To your point, that scene was very much us grappling with all of that and then just deciding to turn it into scene-work, which is always the fun. It’s like, how do you turn problems into opportunities? [Here it’s,] how do you take this issue, have our characters literally talk about it and us sort of move past it?

Lucifer Season 5 chloe lucifer complicated relationship

Relationships are complicated. They are a knot many have found impossible to untie. Lucifer may be bulletproof. But the one thing Henderson adds is that Lucifer is his worst enemy. People come together but sometimes things do not work out if you do not have the passion to make it work. There are many variables at play. Anything could work against a couple to break their bond. In Season 5, even after he got Chloe, Lucifer was not content. His subconscious mind kept pulling him in the wrong direction.

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The Chloe Miracle Baby was long in the works, according to Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson. The former even commented the troubles they went at lengths to ensure this reveal was properly incorporated into the story.

 I think we realized that really early on. I think it was the beginning of the second season when we were really examining why he’s vulnerable. A constant theme or truth of our world is, we have a choice. Things are up to us and even angels have free will. When we decided that, this is just another exploration of that theme. He decides to make himself vulnerable and because his brain is kind of behind, his body does it for him. That’s why angels self-actualize and have the powers they have, be they good or bad. They are trying to tell them something that they need to learn.

Lucifer the answer is love joe henderson

Henderson pointed out that for all the amazing plot devices and story lines that they used for the five seasons of Lucifer, the one that actually made the most sense was an age-old solution. The answer was pretty simple and to be frank, ironic. The answer was love.

Big things are in store for Lucifer Season 5 Part 2. The first part of the season gave us questions but the latter half will surely give us some much needed answers. With God making an entrance and Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship hitting a different kind of rock-bottom, things are about to get a whole lot interesting.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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