“Luffy basically just met his equal here”: Eiichiro Oda’s Subtle Foreshadowing When Luffy First Met Blackbeard Foreshadows the Real Meaning Behind the ‘Will of D’

One Piece theory reveals Eiichiro Oda might have already disclosed the Will of D.

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  • Monkey D. Luffy and Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard), the two clashing forces of One Piece, are preparing for the last battle as the series' end approaches with each new chapter.
  • Although Luffy and Blackbeard have only met a few times, each encounter has been memorable.
  • But the first exchange, in which they talked about goals and dreams, was the most striking as it foreshadowed the Will of D.
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The two colliding forces of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy and Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard), are getting ready for the final confrontation as the conclusion of One Piece is closing in with every new chapter. Fans are excited about how the battle between the two Emperors of the Sea will go on and who will come out as the winner.

Blackbeard's Dark-Dark Fruit from One Piece
Blackbeard in One Piece | Toei Animation

Luffy and Blackbeard have only met a couple of times, but every meeting of theirs has been a recognizable moment. However, their most impressive confrontation was the first one, where they discussed dreams and ambitions. Although Luffy and Blackbeard did not know each other at the time, they recognized their powers.

While their confrontation was certainly iconic, the One Piece theory points out that their interaction was Oda’s way of subtly foreshadowing the real meaning behind the Will of D. It is related to the dreams of a man that Blackbeard explained to Luffy when he and his crew were asking about the route to the Sky Islands in Mock Town.


Luffy Meeting Blackbeard Was Eiichiro Oda’s Way Of Hinting At The Will Of D

According to a theory posted by u/CanProfessional4806 on Reddit, when Luffy first met Blackbeard at the bar Pub and Pies in Mock Town, Jaya Island, Blackbeard stated that he hopes Luffy would find the Sky Island, as man’s dream can never die, and this was one of those rare times when Luffy had nothing to say.

The theory states that Luffy does not kill his opponents but shatters their dreams because he understands the importance of dreams in an individual’s life. However, just like Luffy, Blackbeard also knows why dreams are important. This is why fighting Blackbeard won’t be easy for Luffy, as he won’t be able to destroy Blackbeard’s dream as easily as others.

Blackbeard Meeting Luffy | Toei Animation
Blackbeard Meeting Luffy | Toei Animation

If this theory holds any credence, it can be stated that the will of D is somehow related to the dreams of a man, which were being discussed by Luffy and Blackbeard, and this was Eiichiro Oda’s subtle way of foreshadowing the D clan and their ambitions in the One Piece story.


Luffy and Blackbeard’s Final Confrontation Will Be Epic

Fans sometimes fail to recognize how similar Luffy and Blackbeard are, despite being on opposite sides of the fight. Both of them are hellbent on achieving their dream and want nothing more than freedom.

byu/CanProfessional4806 from discussion

However, their methods and ways of achieving their dreams are completely different and opposite from one another.


While Luffy chooses to achieve his dreams by helping others and setting a good example, Blackbeard doesn’t care about who he hurts in the process of chasing his ambitions. While Luffy just wants to become the Pirate King to enjoy his freedom, Blackbeard wants to acquire the entire One Piece world.

Thus, when these two forces collide in the final arc, it will be one of the best fights in the history of One Piece, as it won’t just be a battle of power; it will be a battle of dreams. Both of them know that their opponent has become much stronger than before and would need extra power to face them.

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