Luffy Will Turn into Nika Again in One Piece 1104 to Save Kuma- Wild Fan Theory For One Piece 1104 Actually Makes Sense

Fan Theory Suggests Luffy Will Save Kuma By Turning Into Nika in the next One Piece chapter.

Luffy Will Turn into Nika Again in One Piece 1104 to Save Kuma- Wild Fan Theory For One Piece 1104 Actually Makes Sense


  • The release of chapter 1103 marked the pinnacle of One Piece's Egghead arc, which centered on Kuma going into battle to save his daughter Bonney.
  • Though the upcoming chapter isn't expected to be published until January 12, fans have already begun formulating ideas and theories about Kuma and Saturn's impending battle.
  • Despite Kuma's battle with Saturn, this theory predicts that in the following chapter, Luffy will transform into Nika and save Kuma.
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One Piece’s Egghead arc is at its climax with the release of chapter 1103, which focused on Kuma entering the battle scene to save his daughter Bonney. The fight has become much more intense as now Kuma faces Saturn, who is responsible for almost every bad thing that is happening to Kuma. Fans are excited to see what is going to happen next.


While the next chapter is scheduled to be released on January 12, fans have already started developing theories and notions regarding the upcoming fight between Kuma and Saturn. This could potentially be one of the biggest fights in the entire Egghead arc and would decide the future for everyone present on Egghead Island right now.

Gear 5 Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece
Gear 5 Monkey D. Luffy

As the theories hit the internet, one of them caught the attention of One Piece fans. This theory states that although Kuma is fighting Saturn, it will be Luffy, who will turn into Nika and ultimately save Kuma in the next chapter. And looking at the events of the last chapter, it is possible and makes sense.


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What Will Happen in One Piece Chapter 1104?

After the entry of Bartholomew Kuma onto the battlefield of the Egghead arc in the last chapter, fans are too excited to watch how the events will unfold in the next chapter. Kuma saves his daughter from Saturn’s attack and unleashes a full-blow punch toward Saturn as the chapter ends.

Along with this, it was also revealed that Saturn was the one responsible for Ginny’s conditions, and he manipulated Kuma into making a deal with the world government. While all this was happening, Luffy was lying in the corner asking for food so that he could recharge himself and join the fight. Fortunately, someone helps Luffy and gives him the food he asks for.

Kuma's Entry on Egghead Island
Kuma’s Entry on Egghead Island

Looking at the events of chapter 1103, the next chapter will be filled with a lot of fighting and revelations. Kuma would surely try to fight Saturn even in his devastated state, and Saturn and Kuma’s encounter would surely bring out new secrets from the past. However, the more interesting thing would be Luffy finally joining the fight, and a theory suggests that Luffy would ultimately save Kuma.

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Wild Fan Theory Suggests Luffy Would Save Kuma in Chapter 1104

The events of One Piece chapter 1103 have ended on a cliffhanger, and now fans have been waiting and creating many theories regarding what would happen in the next chapter. One of the theories suggests that although Kuma would fight Saturn and most probably be defeated, Luffy would interrupt the fight to save him.

Luffy Gear 5
Luffy Gear 5

The theory states that as Luffy has got the nutrition he needs to fight, just like he did in Onigashima, he will transform into his Gear 5 mode and unleash the power of Nika to shock everyone. And because Kuma is almost destroyed, he surely won’t be able to survive against Saturn. Thus, Luffy will turn into Nika again to save Kuma and Bonney from Saturn.

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This would also be a full circle moment as it would bring back Kuma’s memory of his father telling him that Nika saved everyone and Kuma witnessing it all from his own eyes. This is surely going to be one of the best chapters of One Piece, and it would most probably decide the finale of the Egghead arc.


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