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Star Wars: 8 Ways Luke Skywalker Is The Worst Hero Ever 

Star Wars 8 Ways Luke Skywalker Is The Worst Hero Ever

Star Wars is famous for its incredible heroes, and Luke Skywalker is the greatest of them all. Luke proved that he is one of the most valuable people in the galaxy. He even saved the day so many times. He has a great list of achievements, but that doesn’t mean he’s not done anything wrong. Here is the list of times when Luke Skywalker was the worst hero ever.

1. Luke always used violent ways to solve his problems, but it never really worked. The time Luke spent in Dagobah was one of the most crucial phases of his life. One important event on Dagobah was his sojourn into the dark side cave, where Yoda warned him not to carry his lightsaber with him.

Luke Fighting Vader In The Dark Side Cave Cropped

2. He did many things during the Original Trilogy, but he kept repeating one mistake, which was to do it all by himself. He wanted to keep others out of problems which were frankly admirable, though sometimes, it backfired on him. The tendency of doing everything on his own even cost one of the most valuable soldiers of the Rebel Alliance.

Luke Skywalker War of the Bounty Hunters

3. Luke tried doing everything on his own and badly failed in the attempt because he overestimated his abilities. He even believed that he could defeat Vader but eventually paid the price. He put himself into such circumstances as he thinks that he is more powerful, but we all know the truth!

luke on crait

4. Luke’s biggest problem was that he never learnt anything from others’ mistakes. He repeated all the mistakes Obi-Wan made and never learned from his or anyone else’s mistakes. This attitude of Luke made millions of people pay the price.

Luke Skywalker Obi Wan Star Wars

5. He was too stubborn, and this became his biggest issue. There are many examples of his stubborn attitude throughout the Original Trilogy, where he got himself and others in trouble. He could become a great Jedi, but his stubbornness was a big shortcoming.

luke skywalker vs dark vader on mimban

6. Luke inherited the most unfortunate thing from Anakin Skywalker, which was being short-tempered. His temper was the biggest obstacle during his training. He was mighty but had no control over his temper. Vader saw an advantage and used it during their fight. His untamed rage was one of the most self-destructive traits in him.

luke skywalker vs darth vader front palpatine

7. Another reason Luke Skywalker is the worst hero ever is because of his biggest character flaw. One of his biggest drawbacks is to run away from all of his problems. Instead of making things right and back to normal, he turned his back on his friends and family and ran away.

Luke Recluse 1

8. Luke is a big time crybaby, basically he was a whiner. From whining about power converters to wanting to go to Tosche station, Luke had complaints with literally everything. He even became annoying in every possible way we could imagine. He was eighteen. He should have known better but he wasn’t mature enough.

Star Wars A New Hope Luke Skywalker


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