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“M3GAN never dies! Queen”: M3GAN Sequel is Happening and Fans are Already Losing it

M3GAN Sequel is Happening and Fans are Already Losing it

The latest piece of entertainment to gain traction due to word-of-mouth is the sci-fi horror movie M3GAN, and it’s already got a sequel announced! The 2010s were quite a lovely time, music was evolving, rap was getting more popular, movies became digitized, and the internet connected people far and apart on a scale larger than before.

This was also the time when Kanye West was gaining traction for all the wrong reasons, and he eventually faded away from relevance. But there’s one thing that hasn’t become irrelevant yet, and that’s memes- the medium through which thousands of people came to know about the movie M3GAN.

M3GAN FandomWire

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M3GAN Reportedly Getting A Sequel And Fans Couldn’t Be Happier

Directed by Gerard Johnstone, with screenplay work from Akela Cooper, M3GAN has turned out to be one of the most surprising releases this year. Maybe not in terms of the movie’s integrity as an art piece, but because of how it ended up getting popular.

M3GAN FandomWire
A still from M3GAN

James Wan, who wrote the movie, had originally thought of a movie with a killer doll before, which finally materialized into the 2023 movie. While only a good portion of fans were talking about the movie’s premiere, M3GAN got an audience boost after a clip of the titular character dancing went viral on social media websites like TikTok and Instagram.

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Now it’s pretty simple- a clip of the titular character went viral, and in turn, it generated a lot of newcomers who had only learned of the movie just recently. Allison Williams, who plays Gemma in the movie, spoke about the movie’s success due to the meme, during an interview with Insider-

“The memes, the copies of the dance, people just understood her in this way that I absolutely loved, and we just thought, ‘OK, job done. They get her.’ She belongs to them now, this is amazing.”

Now after all that work, who wouldn’t capitalize on it? Yes, M3GAN is reportedly getting a sequel. According to sources, a sequel is already in the works. Now there’s not much to talk about it since this is all the information that fans can have, but they’re already popping the champagne on Twitter!

For real-

Tuned in!-

As it should be –

Maybe they could stylize it like that-

Neither can we!-

Will the sequel to M3GAN be as popular as the original? Only the TikTok algorithm can tell us that.

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M3GAN’s Viral Dance Came ‘Organically’, Says James Wan

The person who made the trailer and included the very viral dance from M3GAN must’ve really known what they were doing. They ended up creating a trend that would skyrocket the movie’s success beyond words!

M3GAN FandomWire

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While it may seem like the dance was planned to be a visual asset to attract virality, producer James Wan asserts that it was not the intention. During an interview with SYFY WIRE, the Insidious director said-

“That came organically. Here’s the thing. You can’t really force something to go viral. When something latches on to the zeitgeist, it just does.”

So maybe Amie Donald, who plays the robot doll, was just moving all the right spots of her body, and ended up creating a dance that would cost millions!

M3GAN is currently available to watch at your nearest theater.

Source: Twitter

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