The Road Warrior – 10 Ways The Mad Max Movie’s Still Relevant Today

George Miller introduced Mel Gibson in 1979’s Mad Max movie, and he became a super-star. After the film became a box office hit, Miller decided to drop another – ‘The Road Warrior’ in 1981. With great action, breathtaking car stunts, the movie became a blockbuster. After 40 years, the Mad Max movie is still relevant today.

1. In the first Mad Max movie, humanity got more violent, and the natural resources kept depleting. But in the second movie, Miller took that dystopian sci-fi vision to the next level by showing the post-apocalyptic wasteland where all the natural resources are exhausted. Now, vehicles were designed for survival instead of comfort.

2. The Road Warrior had a breathtaking showcase of vehicles. The movie had spectacular action sequences, impressive automobile stunts. Miller doesn’t shy away from adding radical action scenes.

3. Miller had a different filmmaking style. His visual storytelling and minimal dialogues with an excellent plot portrayed mind-blowing movies like The Road Warrior. His visual representation was so unique that it won many hearts.

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4. Max was a cop in the original Mad Max movie, but in the sequel, he looks like a lonely guy mourning his son and wife’s brutal murder. Max was reimagined in The Road Warrior as a whole different person compared to what he was in Mad Max.

5. George used a vast desert landscape of Australia, Broken Hill, mainly to show the western-inspired wasteland life. Critics praised Miller’s cinematography and the wide-angle sun shots. From the barren desert to widespread violence, everything looked so real.

6. Mel Gibson hardly spoke in the first Mad Max movie; he had a few conversations with his wife and son. He barely had any discussions in the next film too. Max only spoke ’16 lines’ in the whole movie. But Mel expressed all his emotions through his facial expressions.

7. Max had a dog as a sidekick in the earlier scenes of The Road Warrior. His pet Blue Heeler always sat with him in his passenger seat, filling the loss of Max’s family members. But midway through the movie, the dog is killed by a Marauder through a crossbow. The scene was so horrifying for both the audience and for Max.

8. Miller brought back the composer Brian May from the first Mad Max movie to build a score in the sequel. The massive quality of western music was there in the second movie.

9. In the final act of The Road Warrior, a lot is going on where Max is defeated by the Marauders. Injured, Max hops and begins the ride while arguing with Lord Humungus’ army-on-wheels. The climactic fight sequence had scenes where Max was beaten and nearly killed.

10. Ending the list of ways the Mad Max movie’s is still relevant today, with the blockbuster climax scene.  In the final stage, after fighting and defeating Marauders, Max helped the settlers to be free. The last scene also disclosed that this story is being explained years in the future by a grown-up version of “The Feral Kid”, the tribe’s new leader. The movie indeed had a heroic ending.

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