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Madame Web Ending Explained FandomWire
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Madame Web has finally hit theaters, and with its release, audiences will no doubt be wondering how the movie sets itself up for a potential sequel. With it opening to such poor reviews, however, that seems unlikely. But since there is no official word on that yet, let’s discuss that ending. While there are no mid or post-credit scenes, Madame Web does lay the groundwork for what fans might see in a future installment.


If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can read our spoiler-free review here. If you have seen it, or just don’t care about being spoiled, read on.

Madame Web Ending – SPOILER WARNING

Dakota Johnson in “Madame Web”

After learning how to fully harness her new clairvoyant powers, Cassie Web (Dakota Johnson) uses those powers to finally take down Ezekiel Sims, with the help of her new “found family” of future Spider-Women, Julia (Sydney Sweeney), Mattie (Celeste O’Connor), and Anya (Isabela Merced). Being a superhero movie, we can’t be 100% sure that Ezekiel is dead, or that he won’t somehow come back if he is dead. But by all accounts, he’s dead when the credits start to roll. But where are the rest of the characters left at the end of the movie?


All four survived, though Cassie did sustain some pretty major injuries. She is now blind and at least partially paralyzed. For comic fans, the final scene in Cassie’s apartment give a glimpse at the more familiar look of her Madame Web character. With this serving as an origin story, it makes sense to have this be the ending shot, setting Cassie and her friends up for their next adventures.

And what could those adventures entail? Well, at the end of the movie, none of the other three have gained their powers yet. In the unlikely event that a sequel were to happen, that would be the logical next story to tell. Though an origin story followed by a triple origin story doesn’t exactly get the blood moving, does it?

But Cassie’s visions in this closing scene show the three of them as established superheroes, so maybe that’s all the origin they would get, and the next movie would skip past how they get their powers? There would still have to be some explanation of how it happened, but they could get away without doing another full-blown origin story if they wanted to.

Isabel Merced, Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, and Celeste O’Connor in “Madame Web”

That’s just the four main characters, though. There are a few other supporting characters who have major roles in other Marvel properties. That’s right, the Parker family! Adam Scott plays Ben Parker, who becomes Uncle Ben in the final act of Madame Web, as his sister-in-law Mary (Emma Roberts) gives birth. The movie goes to annoying – and incredibly unfunny – lengths not to confirm the baby is in fact Peter Parker.

If there is hope for a future Spider-Man/Spider-Women crossover, the next entry could progress a decade or more into the future. If a sequel wanted to jump to Peter’s beginning as Spider-Man, it could reintroduce Julia, Maddie, and Anya as already-established superheroes, mentoring the young Peter along with Cassie. Whatever the case may be, with how Madame Web ended, there are numerous routes a sequel could go.

While it can be fun to speculate, though, speculation is likely all this will amount to. With almost universal negative reviews and poor box office tracking, Madame Web looks to be a one and done entry in the Sony Spider-Man Universe.


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