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Madame Web Set Photo Seemingly Confirms Villain With Similar Powers of Spider-Man

Madame Web spiderman Dakota Johnson

In a never-ending quest to adapt every Spider-Man property into a movie, but not the web crawler itself, Sony announced Madame Web would join its Spider-Man Universe (SSU). The film stars Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, and Adam Scott.

Madame Web
Dakota Johnson is set to play the titular character in Madame Web.

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First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #210, Madame Web was generally a supporting character for Spider-Man as she suffers from myasthenia gravis. She’s a mutant who has psychic powers including telepathy, clairvoyance, and foresight.

Who is the villain?

Every superhero movie needs a villain and it seems like Madame Web has finally found its own. Based on a new video released from Madame Web‘s set, Tahar Rahim’s character is jumping into the air in a costume, which many speculate to be Ezekiel Sims.

Madame Web
Ezekiel Sims in the comics alongside Spider-Man.

A rich businessman in Marvel comics, Ezekiel Sims has powers similar to Spider-Man. He has appeared as a foe and friend for the web crawler, while also becoming a version of Spider-Man on Earth-4.

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Tahar Rahim was also spotted donning the Spider-Man-inspired costume which means we could see him become the Spider-Man from Earth-4. Also, considering his murky morality in the comics, he could easily become an interesting anti-hero.

Will we see Peter Parker in Madame Web?

Though slightly hinted to be a part of SSU, Tom Holland‘s Spide-Man is still not confirmed to be joining the universe, but Peter Parker might be. Since Mary Parker, the mother of Peter Parker is confirmed to be pregnant in the movie, we might see Peter enter the film at some point.

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Madame Web
Madame Web suffers from paralysis and blindness.

Furthermore, in one of the arcs of Spider-Man, a villain name Morlun tracks down Spider-Man and heroes similar to him to kill them. This is where Ezekiel comes in and controversially jails them in a secure room to prevent Morlun from getting powerful.

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This might open up the possibility for other Spider characters including Spider-Women and allow Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield to return as Spider-Man again. It can also enable SSU and MCU to finally have a solid link by making Mary Parker’s baby, Peter Parker played by Tom Holland.

Madame Web is expected to release on February 16 of 2024.

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Written by Nikhil Makwana

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