Madame Web Set Photos Confirm 2000’s New York City Vibes, Fans Convinced Movie is Set in Sam Raimi Spider-Man Universe

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Sony Pictures proceeds to build its broad Spider-Man Universe together alongside MCU, and fans speculated a new Madame Web film arriving next year. With the guidance of S.J. Clarkson for Sony’s superhero story, Madame Web is said to be set to add a new extent of storytelling to this universe with a Spider-Man spin-off that will hopefully please fans.

Madame Web set photos shows movie's early setting
Madame Web set photos show the movie’s early setting

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Dakota Johnson enlists her entry as the first outing as the titular character, whose first-ever solo movie will focus on her powers as a clairvoyant as she looks walks inside the widening spider world. Her supporting cast also includes Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney and Celeste O’Connor from Ghostbusters: Afterlife, creating excitement for fans.


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Madame Web Set Photos Reveal Film’s Early 2000s Setting

New Madame Web set photos revealed
New Madame Web set photos revealed

The Boston Globe’s Kevin Slane posted on Twitter and shared the first images from Sony Pictures’ Madame Web, including the description of the concept. The caption remarked that extras held Palm Pilots and that the New York City-dressed area promoted pay phones and newspaper boxes. Also, a billboard for Beyoncé’s very first solo album, Dangerously in Love, was officially released on June 20, 2003.


These reveal that the character, in portion, will occur in the early 2000s, the same time in which Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man trilogy was released:

“Palm Pilots with new “3G speed’? Pay phones and newspaper boxes on every corner? A billboard for Beyoncé’s debut album? Sony-Marvel’s upcoming superhero movie “Madame Web” has transformed Boston into early 2000s NYC for filming this week”

After Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man trilogy, it followed Spider-Man: No Way Home, there’s a good likelihood that this time it could be reconsidered for this character with these facts. But still, how these two will blend is a mystery, however, the alternative seems to be clear after the photo confirmation of the early-21st century setting in New York City.

Fans speculating Dakota Johnson to be starring in Sony's film
Fans speculating Dakota Johnson to be starring in Sony’s film

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More things will be clear after more details will be revealed about the speculation regarding when Madame Web will take place in Spider-Man Universe, but the chances of good news related to the past are indeed exciting.


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