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Madame Web Trailer: Who is the Villain Ezekiel? Powers & Abilities Explained

Madame Web's first trailer finally released and it gave fans a very good look at what they can expect

Madame Web Trailer: Who is the Villain Ezekiel? Powers & Abilities Explained


  • The Madame Web trailer revealed interesting details about the cast as well as the villain Ezekiel Simms
  • Ezekiel Simms is one of the most formiddable villains in the Spider-Man universe
  • Sony looks to establish Ezekiel Simms in a whole new light with Madame Web

The much-anticipated Madame Web trailer has finally dropped today, which has definitely made the internet go crazy with speculation as the trailer ended up dropping quite a few easter eggs. This included one of the main villains of the film – Ezekiel Simms. The Spider-Man villain might not be the most well-known in the mainstream world, but he definitely isn’t someone one can underestimate in any way whatsoever. By the looks of the trailer, Sony will be doing justice to the character as he is introduced to a new audience.

The Spider-Man ethos is chock-full of incredible villains to choose from for any given role and medium, which is why it comes as no surprise Sony decided to give emphasis on someone like Ezekiel for Madame Web.

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The character Ezekiel shows off his white hair in Madame Web trailer
Ezekiel as an older man in Madame Web

What Was Revealed About Ezekiel In The Trailer?

In the trailer for Madame Web, Tahar Rahim portrays the character Ezekiel Sims, a middle-aged man who walks the streets of New York completely barefoot. The video introduces Ezekiel as a villain stalking a trio of women, including Julia Carpenter, Anya Corazon, and Mattie Franklin. Dakota Jackson’s Madame Web would then intervene and save them from certain doom.

Fandomwire Video
Ezekiel when he enters the diner to confront the heroes in Madame Web
Alternate look at Ezekiel in his suit in Madame Web

Ezekiel’s powers, as showcased in the trailer, showed off a kind of range that isn’t expected from someone of his age. Needless to say, the movie has nailed his appearance as he looks identical to his comic book counterpart. Multiple scenes depict an older-looking Ezekiel, mirroring his comic book appearance as a middle-aged man with white hair and occasionally a white beard. His conflict with the entire cast has made it evident what kind of villain he will be in the film.

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Ezekiel Simms’s Origin And Powers Explained

According to Marvel Fandom, Ezekiel made his debut in 2001’s Amazing Spider-Man #30. Ezekiel is intricately tied to the concept of the Spider-Totem, which is a very important part of the modern Spider-Verse storyline.


Through a mysterious ritual, Ezekiel becomes bonded to the Spider-Totem, drawing the attention of Morlun, a multiversal vampire with a penchant for feeding on the blood of Spider-Totems. Instead of being a traditional hero, Simms opted to focus more on riches and survival.

Ezekiel Simms shares the same powers as Spider-Man, notably wall-crawling, enhanced strength, super reflexes, speed, and his own spider-sense. In addition to that, he even has spider-sense immunity, making him a formidable foe to Spider-Man.

Ezekiel looking on in anger in this comic book panel
Ezekiel’s original look in the Spider-Man comics

In addition to his spider-themed abilities, Ezekiel’s unique connection to the Spider-Totem grants him knowledge of mystical arts, setting him apart from other Spider characters. That being said, Ezekiel doesn’t use any kind of web-shooters, unlike his contemporaries.

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The film is set to release on February 16th in the US. Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of hype behind the movie – especially after the first trailer today. We’ll have to see whether the film will end up becoming a huge hit and set the standard for Marvel movies in the future.

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