“Made up backstory formulated by MI6”: Conspiracy Theory About James Bond Gives the $7.8B Daniel Craig-Helmed Franchise a Whole New Meaning

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Conspiracy Theory About James Bond Gives the $7.8B Daniel Craig-Helmed Franchise a Whole New Meaning

Daniel Craig-led James Bond spy film series is one of the most successful franchises in American cinema today. Many A-list stars have had the perks of playing the fan-favorite character of a secret agent on the silver screen.

Each sequel of this lucrative series features a unique plot and has grossed millions of dollars at the box office, making it one of the highest-grossing franchises. However, as the franchise has continued to reach new heights, there have been numerous fan conspiracy theories surrounding the franchise, as one Reddit user explained on the platform, discussing the fascinating elements of this fictional character from the perspective of a unique theory, noting, “The agents that become 007 have had their minds wiped.”

Intriguing Fan Theory About the Character of James Bond

Craig as James Bond
Craig as James Bond

James Bond’s line of films has left an indelible mark on American cinema, and each sequel of this gigantic franchise has earned critical acclaim and has continued to captivate the audience with its over-the-top plots, characters, and themes. For decades, this fictional character of an MI6 secret agent has intrigued millions of fans. 

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Many award-winning actors like Barry Nelson, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig have played this epic role, all of whom have worked incredibly hard to contribute to its success and popularity. This iconic character is so appealing, and that’s why many fans have written several surprising and crazy conspiracy theories about him. According to reports, a Reddit user explained a shocking fan theory about 007, explaining how all the 007 “have been programmed by MI6.”

Daniel Craig James Bond
Daniel Craig

A user explained on Reddit,

“At one time or another, we’ve all thought about the possibility that James Bond is the cover name for all agents given the 007 number. But that seems to collapse every time James’s backstory is brought up in a film. How can it be a name passed down to all agents if we keep hearing the same story about his parents, or how he was married once, or how he was in the Navy, and we hear those stories for every James Bond for the last 70 years?”

The user continued,

“Because the agents that become 007 have had their minds wiped, and they have all been programmed with the persona of James Bond, a made-up backstory formulated by MI6.”

Well, this fan theory indeed offers an intriguing perspective about the character of 007 and its unique stories.

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A Brief Note on Daniel Craig’s Exceptional Portrayal of James Bond

Daniel Craig as James Bond in the James Bond franchise
Daniel Craig in the James Bond franchise

Daniel Craig has successfully carved out a name for himself among the top echelons of stars in the film industry. He made his character debut as 007, starting with the 2006 film Casino Royale, and then reprised his role in the follow-up sequels.

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His presence, remarkable performance, and depictions in the five installments of this beloved spy film series have undoubtedly helped ascend the franchise to new heights. The legendary star is considered one of the most fan-favorite actors to play the role of James Bond on the silver screen. Craig last appeared as 007 in the 2021 spy film No Time to Die, which earned him critical acclaim.

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