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‘Mahershala Ali said to be very frustrated with the process’: MCU’s Blade Reboot Reportedly Features ‘Lackluster’ Action Scenes, Kevin Feige ‘Spread too thin’ to Care

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Marvel announced Blade Reboot at the 2019 Comic-Con. Fans have been excited about the Blade finally joining the MCU and have been curiously waiting for updates on the movie. At the 2022 D23 Expo, Marvel finally announced the release date of the MCU’s Blade Reboot. However, recent developments related to the film are not pleasing to fans. Mahershala Ali, the lead actor of Blade, is seemingly frustrated with the process. Director Bassam Tariq has also dropped out of the film.

Mahershala Ali is set to star as Blade in MCU Phase 5 movie
Mahershala Ali is set to star in Blade Reboot

Reports claim that Bassam Tariq left the movie due to a scheduling conflict. However, he is still expected to remain with the film as an executive director. The movie is set to release in 2023. The production of the MCU’s Blade Reboot has also not started, and Mahershala Ali and fans seem frustrated with how Marvel is moving ahead with the movie. 

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Mahershala Ali is Disappointed With Marvel’s Slow Development of Blade Reboot

Along with announcing the movie, Kevin Feige also introduced Mahershala Ali as the Blade. Fans have been excited to see the actor as Blade. The actor has also shared his excitement about the movie. However, the recent developments related to the film have reportedly frustrated the actor.

The Ankler’s Jeff Sneider has shared a tweet with the recent updates about Blade. In the tweet, he mentioned that Marvel Studio’s president Kevin Feige might be handling too much stuff due to the expansion of the MCU. With the expansion of the MCU, Marvel has been engaged in producing, on average, eight projects per year. 

Mahershala Ali as Blade
Mahershala Ali as Blade

The tweet further mentioned the script and other development issues related to the movie. It said that the script of Blade Reboot is roughly 90 pages and features only two action sequences. The tweet also says that Mahershala Ali is very frustrated with the process. 

Its been three years since the studio announced the film, and so far, it has not been able to make expected progress with the film. All this would seem reasonable for Mahershala Ali to be frustrated. Now that the director Bassam Tariq has also left the film, Marvel is looking for a new director. It may also lead to further delays in the movie.

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Filming For MCU Blade Reboot Delayed by Three Months

Bassam Tariq dropping out of the project might not be the only issue with the film. Earlier in July, the film reportedly delayed its filming for three months. The filming was expected to start in July 2022 but was shifted to November 2022. 

Marvel Confirmed Blade Reboot
Marvel Confirms Blade Reboot

The studio did not reveal any reason behind the delay. It has already caused a delay in the filming. Now that Bassam Tariq has also left the film one month before the start of filming, it can cause more delays for the MCU’s Blade Reboot.

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How Will Marvel Represent the Blade in the MCU?

So far, Marvel does not has any R-rated films. The only upcoming movie which is expected to be R-rated under the cinematic universe is Deadpool 3. Even though the earlier Blade movies were R-rated, Marvel has not confirmed that its Blade Reboot will be R-rated. 

Blade Reboot
Blade Reboot

Fans were a little worried about what changes will MCU cause in the Daywalker. It might be possible that the character won’t have his R-rated comic book edge to make it more family-friendly.

Similar to its other movies, the studio has managed to keep everything under wraps till now. The post-credit scene of The Eternals gave a hint at Blade’s entry into the MCU. Other than Mahershala Ali, Blade features Delroy Lindo, Aaron Pierre, Kit Harington, and John West Jr.

Blade is set to hit the theatres on 3 November 2023.

Source: Twitter

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