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Mahershala Ali’s Constant Disapproval of Blade Script Reportedly Cut Down Game of Thrones Star Kit Harrington’s Black Knight Appearance

Mahershala Ali’s Constant Disapproval of Blade Script Reportedly Cut Down Game of Thrones Star Kit Harrington’s Black Knight Appearance

Mahershala Ali has been working with a half-done script for Blade for a long time now. The constant changes from the director to the script itself along with the movie being delayed again and again haven’t been the kindest. The patience shown by fans and everyone involved in the making of the movie has been great on its own.

Who is Black Knight in Eternals? Kit Harington's Character Explained
Kit Harrington in Eternals with Gemma Chan

Now, however, there seems to be another change in the story. The upcoming film has been shaving off any excess material that may be unnecessary to the movie. This, unfortunately, also included none other than Kit Harrington’s Balck Knight. The character will either no longer be part of the movie altogether or have a minimal role to play in the outcome.

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Kit Harrington To No Longer Be A Major Part Of Mahershala Ali’s Blade

It was earlier confirmed that Kit Harrington’s Black Knight would have a role to play in Mahershala Ali’s upcoming Blade. Blade was announced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe using the character’s story and his connection with the Ebony Blade. The post-credit scene of Eternals introduced the character with a voice cameo. This made fans wonder whether or not the two would be connected in the movie as well.

Kit Harington's 'Eternals' Character, Explained | GQ
Kit Harrington as Black Knight

“Black Knight’s not really involved in the ‘Blade’ thing anymore. They may be recasting a few parts including maybe the daughter, was there like a 14-year-old girl? They may recast that.”

Although the VFX supervisor for Eternals did confirm that Harrington would be in the movie, it would seem as if that would not be the case. The script has been changed so many times. It has undergone massive changes and is constantly trying to fix anything that needs to be fixed. Mahershala Ali’s disapproval of the script has also posed a problem and because of it, the back-and-forth has only looked worse and worse for the movie.

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Mahershala Ali’s Blade Finally Has a New Director And a Lead

The script of the movie has finally gotten better. It has a direction now with a new director. It has helped in a way to finally create a structure for the movie. Blade, although earlier going through a rough patch, finally has some form of a path to follow.

Mahershala Ali Thinks We Can Still Make this Country Great | GQ
Mahershala Ali

“Someone reached out to say that with ‘Blade,’ things have gotten a little bit better. Things have shaped up, the script is leaner and meaner and they cut out the fat, but the script I heard about was like 87 pages, like there wasn’t enough and they’d shaved it to the bone:”

Mahershala Ali has also been working toward the movie and adjusting the script while still trying to fix it as much as possible according to his terms.

Blade will be available to watch on 6th September 2024.

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