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Major Blow for DC as The Batman’s Epic Original Score Fails To Make it To the Oscars Shortlist

Major Blow for DC as The Batman's Epic Original Score Fails To Make it To the Oscars Shortlist

The Batman had a lot to offer the audience, from Robert Pattinson’s acting to Matt Reeves’ directing. The movie became an instant hit among the fans and they have since then been waiting for a sequel to blow their minds further. Another aspect that hooked them immediately was the soundtrack by Michael Giacchino. The score had been on many people’s playlists for a very long time.

Robert Pattinson in and as The Batman (2022).
Robert Pattinson as Batman

The movie showed a side of Batman that had been limited to the comic books for a while now, exploring his title of ‘the best detective’. Not only did it show the hero on a journey from the dark to the light and from being feared by the citizens of Gotham to being the hope of Gotham.

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The Batman’s Score Falls Behind In The Oscars

The soundtrack for The Batman was a perfect way of showing both fear and excitement that fans and the characters in the movie felt alike. Michael Giacchino has produced the scores of multiple big-name movies such as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Trilogy and Thor: Love and Thunder. His scores have always been loved and fit perfectly with the projects. However, The Academy Awards might not think so.

The Batman (2022)
Robert Pattinson as the titular crusader in The Batman

Among the many projects that got their names into the Original Score shortlist, The Batman’s score was not one of them. Fans are truly disappointed upon hearing this as they had been rooting for Giacchino’s work to get an Oscar, something that is very much deserved. This came as a shock because the score had been highly regarded by even critics. The expectations that fans had for the soundtrack to get the award cake crumbled down even though they had been extensively hoping for it to be otherwise.

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Fans Were Disappointed When The Batman Score Was Left Out Of The Oscars

Robert Pattinson stars in Matt Reeves The Batman
A still from The Batman

Fans have been disappointed through and through about Michael Giacchino’s soundtrack not even making it into the shortlist for the Oscars. The audience blames how the Academy Awards are being run via money. They also claim that the score deserves multiple awards and it is only robbery to not have them included.




The score undoubtedly sets the mood of a detective in a gritty reality and fits perfectly with the film. Michael Giacchino’s work has been legendary consistently and for it to be not acknowledged is the true crime.

The Batman is now streaming on HBO Max.

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