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‘Make it the last one please’: Vin Diesel Gets Trolled After He Announces Fast X Trailer Release Date

'Make it the last one please': Vin Diesel Gets Trolled After He Announces Fast X Trailer Release Date

The Fast & Furious franchise went from being a commercial success all over the world to the audience begging them to put an end to their film series. Spanning over a period of 20 long years, the franchise has released a total of nine movies and various other spin-offs. Now, as the tenth film in the action series approaches its premiere date, fans are hoping for it to be the last one they’ll have to hear about.

FastX e1650470101215
Fast X

Vin Diesel recently announced that the first trailer for Fast X will soon be launched in the upcoming months. But it looks like people couldn’t care less about it and would rather have this film to be the concluding chapter in the franchise’s lengthy legacy.

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The First Trailer for Fast X is to be Released Soon

The first movie that marked the beginning of the long journey of the Fast & Furious franchise dates back to 2001. After The Fast and the Furious was received well by the audience and grossed good numbers at the box office, the franchise soon set out to make more such projects. The most recent film in the series is Justin Lin’s F9 which was released in 2021. Next in line, we have Fast X which will soon make it to the cinemas in 2023.

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Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in the Fast & Furious films
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto

Sharing a picture of him and Jordana Brewster from the set of Fast X, Vin Diesel took to Instagram to inform fans about the release of the movie’s first trailer. While Diesel is the lead star in the upcoming movie, both he and Brewster have been a part of the Fast & Furious family from the very beginning. Diesel’s Dominic and Brewster’s Mia play the role of the Toretto siblings in all the movies.

In his Instagram post, the 55-year-old actor stated that the trailer is just about two months away from its official release. The three exclamation marks very conspicuously depicted how excited Diesel is about the movie. But the audience’s reaction is the complete opposite; they really don’t seem to be sharing the actor’s jovial attitude and are instead fed up with hearing about how after all these years, the franchise is still at it.

Fans Mock Vin Diesel After He Shares A Fast X Update 

Fast and Furious
The original cast of the Fast & Furious franchise

Diesel, one of the world’s highest-paid actors, is being mercilessly ridiculed on Twitter as people respond to his Fast X trailer update with nothing but derision and taunts. One user even claimed that nobody is the least bit thrilled to see the tenth installment in the Fast & Furious franchise.

While some are poking fun at the franchise dragging its life expectancy with so many films, others are praying for Fast X to be the final movie, hoping that they close this chapter once and for all.

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Fast X is definitely going to have a tough audience to impress.

As Diesel said that the film’s first official trailer is scheduled to come out in 2 months, it’s highly likely to be released somewhere around the same timeline as the Super Bowl LVII. Hopefully, the trailer will help spark a match of excitement amongst the clearly uninterested audience.

Fast X will be out in cinemas on May 19, 2023.

Source: Discussing Film via Twitter

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