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‘Make Man of Tomorrow with Henry Cavill Superman’: Zack Snyder Fans Rally for Man of Steel Sequel, Demand Netflix Restore SnyderVerse

'Make Man of Tomorrow with Henry Cavill Superman': Zack Snyder Fans Rally for Man of Steel Sequel, Demand Netflix Restore SnyderVerse

While the SnyderVerse has been pushing up the daisies for a while now, its memory is as fresh and ardent as ever. But it looks like DC fans aren’t ready to settle with a mere echo of the unforgettable legacy that Zack Snyder left behind after extracting himself from the now DCU. They want more than just a timorous olive branch in the guise of a reconstructed DC Universe; they want the SnyderVerse to be revived. What’s more, they want a Man of Steel sequel with Henry Cavill as Superman.

The Snyderverse
The SnyderVerse

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DC Fans Demand Man of Steel 2 With Henry Cavill 

Zack Snyder’s work in the DCU, formerly DCEU, has left an imprint the size of Alaska on DC fans and the same is conspicuous from their incessant, rigorous efforts at bringing their beloved SnyderVerse back. That’s not all though, because they’re loyal to a fault to Henry Cavill‘s Superman just as much.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman

When Cavill returned to DC, albeit briefly, fans were convinced that the Man of Steel sequel they’d longed for all these years would finally happen. But their hopes were snuffed out when the studio’s co-CEO announced his plans for a “younger Superman” which meant relinquishing Cavill’s Clark Kent. Ever since then though, fans have been relentlessly pursuing the prospect of Man of Steel 2 starring the 39-year-old Dawn of Justice actor as Superman, and Twitter is brimming with pleas and demands concerning the same.

At this point, Snyder fans would rather renounce DC completely than give up pushing the studio to reinstate the SnyderVerse.

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A Look Into the ‘Sell SnyderVerse to Netflix’ Campaign 

The online campaign ‘Release the Snyder Cut’ first kicked off the idea of reviving the SnyderVerse into motion; fans practically beseeched Zack Snyder to release his version of Justice League because they couldn’t stand Joss Whedon’s atrocious take on the film. After that was a success since fans finally got a four-hour cut of Justice League on HBO Max, they tried their luck with the ‘Restore SnyderVerse’ movement. Unfortunately enough, the latter failed to gain any significant momentum.

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Zack Snyder

But Snyder fans aren’t the type to get deterred by such setbacks and their unwavering dedication toward their goal thus paved the way for their latest crusade which calls for WB to sell off the SnyderVerse to Netflix. That way, the 57-year-old filmmaker’s projects could see the light of day, only through a different studio.

Things aren’t that simple though, with what, the hierarchies and organizational structures all clashing with such a notion. Not to mention, WB would never simply hand over any of its prized possessions to another entity, least of all such a major competitor. But fans couldn’t care less about the logistics, all they want is to be able to see the much-anticipated resurrection of SnyderVerse.

Who knows, maybe the third time’s the charm!

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