‘Make this happen Ryan Coogler’: Marvel Fans Demand Disney+ Series on Bashenga, The First Black Panther

Marvel Fans Demand Disney+ Series on Bashenga
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Both Black Panther movies were deeply rooted in culture. While the first film explored African culture, the second one brought ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures to the present day. But, wouldn’t it be quite amazing if we got to dive deeper into the history of Black Panther, just like we did for Namor? Black Panther revealed how Earth got Vibranium in an opening montage. And it also teased how the Shaman Bashenga became the first Black Panther. Whether or not Marvel chooses to tell his story remains to be seen. But we’ve got some new pieces of art that could be used to shine some light on Bashenga’s backstory.


Who Was King Bashenga?

King Bashenga

Back when all tribes of Wakanda were divided, it was this warrior shaman from the lore who united all the tribes. After having a vision of the goddess Bast, he was led to a powerful herb that had grown out of a Vibranium-rich soil. Upon the instruction of Bast, he consumed the herb and became a superhuman. He was the first King of Wakanda, and he also became the first Black Panther. After his demise, his descendants of the Golden tribe continued to take on the Black Panther mantle.

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Bashenga: The First Black Panther

Artist Shaun Harrison came up with a bunch of concept art pieces that explore the idea of a new Disney/Marvel release Bashenga: The First Black Panther. Here, take a look:



Harrison also revealed a few characters who could be part of the 5 tribes that were prevalent in the Kingdom back then.

Then, there’s the Black Panther suit:


It’s needless to say that these art pieces are beautiful and seem almost real.

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Bashenga and Phastos. Concept Art by Shaun Harrison

In fact, just looking at these concept arts, you’d actually want a project based on King Bashenga, and his unification of the five tribes. John Boyega is a great choice to play young Bashenga. On top of that, the addition of Phastos in it also seems like a brilliant idea. And, the fans have reacted to this idea really well as most of them want Ryan Coogler to bring it to life.

Fan Reactions to the Bashenga Concept

Here’s how people on the internet have reacted to the concept of Bashenga – The First Black Panther:


It’s so good that it feels real.

People want Bast!


Why we need to see this story be brought to life:


Truly Badass!

Marvel should really consider telling this historical event after Avengers: Secret Wars.


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Maybe Ryan Coogler’s long-running Disney deal could include this Wakandan history project along with the Okoye series he is supposed to be developing for Disney+. The Bashenga plot would work pretty well as a Disney+ series for sure.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is currently playing in theatres worldwide.


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