‘Man, f**k this. I could never be those guys’: Dwayne Johnson Furious After Being Forced To Become More Like Johnny Depp, Gave Up After Few Years as Following Depp is Super Tough

Dwayne Johnson Furious After Being Forced To Become More Like Johnny Depp
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It is no secret that Dwayne Johnson is what one might refer to as a coconut personality, with a hard and rugged exterior, but with a soft and tender core. Much like that, in his latest interview with Men’s Health, the actor went in more as to what drives him to reach his goals and how he could never become like some iconic actors.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

His journey has come a long way from being a renowned wrestler to being an on-screen superhero. He’s become an icon for his fans and quickly even became a household name. However, Johnson believes that he could never compare to Will Smith and Johnny Depp.

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Dwayne Johnson Believes He Could Never Reach Will Smith And Johnny Depp

He stated in his interview that if it were to ever be a comparison against Will Smith, George Clooney, and Johnny Depp; Dwayne Johnson as an actor of about twenty years of experience could still not reach their levels. His entire caliber as an actor originated from his father’s teachings of discipline and even with a 6-meal-plan, he can manage at his optimal performance.

Dwayne Johnson

“The thing that keeps me up at night is just how everything shakes out, the things we have planned, the things I can control. Making the right moves, thinking about my family, my babies, all the other stuff that’s going on.”

His entire routine and strictness all evolved from the very young age of only five years old, and nothing of that could ever compare to actors such as Depp and Smith. He even stated that to become an actor like them, he would have had to confine himself in a box, which he deemed himself incapable of doing.

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Dwayne Johnson Revealed More About Himself And Becoming Black Adam

The actor even talked about how it took fifteen years for Black Adam to finally come to life, with the idea slowly becoming concrete with patience and hope.

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

“You have a character like Black Adam, who is, depending on how you interpret his philosophies—is he a superhero, an antihero, or just a bad dude? Now, the difference is in Superman there’s a code of ethics that Superman abides by, which is why he is the greatest superhero.”

The very fact that no actor had ever played the character before was massive enough for Johnson.

“Superman won’t kill anyone. Black Adam, on the other hand, you can’t finish your sentence if you mean harm to him or his family.”

In fact, his suit had no muscle padding and Dwayne Johnson had to work extremely hard to get into the suit and make it memorable.


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Source: Men’s Health

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