“Man, I want to make a movie like that”: Even With Star Wars and Indiana Jones, George Lucas’ Greatest Career Regret is an Ewan McGregor War Movie

George Lucas spoke about how his long term commitment to the Star Wars franchise held him back from pursuing some of his other passion projects.

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  • George Lucas is the creative mind behind Star Wars and Indiana Jones, two of the most popular and critically acclaimed movie franchises of all time.
  • However, in an interview, Lucas revealed that the regretted not making a small-scale war film like Black Hawk Down starring Ewan McGregor.
  • In a separate interview, Lucas spoke about his passion for historical stories but his commitments to Star Wars prevented him from making movies in other genres.
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George Lucas has a filmography that will make any filmmaker envious. It includes Star Wars and Indiana Jones, two of the most popular franchises of all time along with underrated gems such as American Graffiti. However, despite his globally acclaimed filmography, Lucas regrets not making a project similar to Ewan McGregor’s best war-drama film.

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George Lucas created two of the most successful franchises. (Image via Star Wars | Youtube)

During an interview, Lucas spoke about how some of his other passion projects had to often be sidelined because of his long-term commitment to the Star Wars franchise. At the same time, the filmmaker named one film starring Ewan McGregor, as something he would have liked to make himself. Here is what George Lucas has revealed about one of his biggest regrets despite a very successful career.

George Lucas Regrets Not Making a Movie Like Ewan McGregor’s Black Hawk Down

George Lucas spent almost two decades of his life working on crafting the Star Wars franchise, which has become a cornerstone of modern pop culture. Moreover, he also produced the Indiana Jones franchise, which is also globally popular. However, as a result of his commitments to these franchises, Lucas regrets not getting a chance to explore some other genres.

Ewan McGregor in Black Hawk Down
George Lucas admitted he regrets not getting to make a movie like Ewan McGregor’s Black Hawk Down.

During an interview with The Guardian, Lucas stated that watching a movie he liked reminded him of being pigeonholed because of his work on Star Wars, which was primarily considered a children’s or family franchise. Instead, Lucas wished to fulfill his creative ambitions by dabbling in different genres.

“Even something like Black Hawk Down, I thought, Oh man, I want to make a movie like that.”

Lucas made the above statement, using Obi-Wan Kenobi actor Ewan McGregor‘s war-drama film Black Hawk Down as an example of the style of filmmaking he wanted to pursue. However, Lucas noted that the story of the prequel trilogy had been in his mind for almost twenty years. Therefore, he wanted to return to the franchise and finish his epic saga before venturing to direct other passion projects.

George Lucas Has Spoken About His Passion For Historical Movies

George Lucas
George Lucas wanted to dabble in other genres but couldn’t because of Star Wars (Image via AMC)

During a separate interview with Empire, Lucas highlighted some of the other projects he would have liked to pursue had he not been committed to Star Wars. Lucas spoke of his interest in historical stories and expressed a desire to make small-scale, esoteric movies.


“There’s a lot of historical pieces I’m interested in. Lots of things that will probably not be that popular, but I’ll enjoy making.”

Lucas made the above statement, explaining the kind of movies he would have liked to make outside his existing franchise. However, Lucas noted that while there were stories he liked more than Star Wars, they had been pushed aside due to his commitment to the franchise.

According to reports, Star Wars itself was massively influenced by several historical events and wars. Therefore, Lucas’ interest in the subject has been evident. As a result, it is a shame that such a dynamic filmmaker got pigeonholed to a certain kind of cinematic experience and never got to make some of his other passion projects.

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