“I wonder which one sounds best to you”: Manor Lords Game Director Slavic Turns to the Community for Ideas

The developer of Manor Lords is doing everything right so far.

"I wonder which one sounds best to you": Manor Lords Game Director Slavic Turns to the Community for Ideas


  • Manor Lords developer Grzegorz Styczeń's engagement with the community demonstrates a genuine commitment to improving the game.
  • Players' suggestions such as adding a butcher profession are actively considered and discussed by the developer.
  • A wealth of creative ideas came from players and the developer responded to some, showcasing a genuine willingness to hear them out.
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Manor Lords is the latest indie sensation, a medieval city-builder, and real-time strategy title that many can’t seem to get enough of. With the praise it’s received regarding its realistic combat and immersive gameplay, it feels like the developer had the player’s experience in mind when designing.


Don’t take my word for it; take it from the game’s developer himself, Grzegorz Styczeń, who recently posted on the game’s Subreddit with a few questions that show how much he genuinely values the opinions of his player base.

Manor Lords’ Game Director Isnt Afraid to Listen to His Community

Get your ideas out there, as you might see them in the next Manor Lords update
Get your ideas out there, as you might see them in the next Manor Lords update.

With a single person behind the entirety of Manor Lords, it’s not hard to imagine how easily overwhelming it can get and inadvertently affect the game. That’s why when Styczeń himself posted on the official Manor Lords subreddit asking for player opinions.


It showed that the developer genuinely wanted to make the game better by taking input from his community. In the game, you must assign people to jobs.

Adding the butcher
byu/gstyczen inManorLords

Many have been requesting that a butcher profession be added, and it looks like the developer has picked up the idea and is working on adding it sometime in the future. He asked some questions to the community to flesh out the idea further, and this is what he currently had:


My intuition now would be to make a pigsty extension which would be the same as goats but producing meat.

However, that doesn’t utilize the “forest” historical element and doesn’t take into account sheep butchering that players might request.

The community responded in waves with tons of suggestions. There were a lot of great ones, such as this one that proposed a way to deal with lambs and pigs as a resource.

byu/gstyczen from discussion

Another player suggested that the pre-existing sheep farm should have a way of passively generating mutton/meat, with another reply asking if players could have the ability to cull herds when they please.


There’s No End to Player Creativity

It feels like players have been waiting for this moment
It feels like players have been waiting for this moment.

The ideas players give to the developer just go to show how well they understand the game, and how much they love it. Many of them fit perfectly with the game’s pre-existing systems. Even some seemingly unrelated ideas would make the game more fun and difficult.

One player, who admittedly veered a little off-course, suggested a way that the artisan butcher profession could make different-tier village upgrades more challenging.

byu/gstyczen from discussion


By having prepared foods mandatory to upgrade burgages/houses, the butcher would have a much greater use as they would need to process the meat into prepared food. The developer replied to this post, stating that there was a way to combine meat and salt to make salted meat in a prototype he built.

And, luckily, this idea is still very much on the table. Do you have any ideas for Manor Lords‘ upcoming butcher profession? Let us know in the comments below!


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