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Margot Robbie Hints At Multiple Costumes For Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

When it comes to iconic characters, especially from the comic book universe, costumes play a big role. The right choice of the costume can make it a classic piece for the years ahead. Harley Quinn’s eccentric wardrobe is also a crucial part of the business. Amidst a sea of comic book characters, she is one of the most popular choices during Halloween and Comic Cons. The audience’ admiration for Margot Robbie’s outfits in the first Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey manifested in their costume choices during Halloween.

With James Gunn’s Suicide Squad around the corner, we wonder which costume will join the collection next. Recently, Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie teased multiple costumes for her character in the upcoming Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie took everyone by storm with her spectacular performance in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Even though the movie was a big-time flop, the actress managed to shine out with glory. She is one of the very few cast members from the film to continue with the franchise. Robbie’s killer takes on the unpredictable and badass Harley Quinn earned her a standalone spinoff, Birds of Prey. Now she is set to return with a bang in James Gunn’s highly-anticipated film. 

Harley Quinn’s Costume in Suicide Squad

So far in the trailer, we see Harley doing what she’s best at in a red ball gown. It’s rather curious why Quinn is doing all her stunts and rogue adventures in that red dress. While this gown seems like the next iconic costume of the infamous Batman villain, Robbie has mentioned some of her other outfits too. She adds that Harley Quinn had a separate outfit for the mission with Task Force X. The red dress came into the picture much later for a special purpose but ends up in a poor condition as she gets roped in a battle. 

“Harley’s been through some things, as you can see, by this point in the film [the dress has seen some battle action and damage]. It started off as like, a very glamorous gown, and here we are. I think we are down to three versions of the dress… we got to figure out–trying to work it into a mood, where we rip off one bit to do some cool fight s*** with it.

She has a mission outfit to start with that’s very different. She didn’t come on the mission wearing a ball gown. Although with Harley, she could have been like, ‘I just like it, this is what I wanted, I wanted to be pretty today… My baseball bat is next to my bed back in L.A… I’ve got other weapons in this one. Many, many weapons, but mainly one actually.”

Though the other outfits are yet to appear, they are definitely going to be far different from the original short-shorts and the T-shirt that read “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster”. Her wardrobe in the last film, Birds of Prey also had hidden meanings. It shows the level of thought poured into the decision-making of the costume. One of her other signature costumes is the red and black jumpsuit from the Arkham City issue. This version seems more fitting for her adventures than the expensive ball gown. We can’t wait to find out which direction James Gunn will be taking this time.

Written by Ipshita Barua