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Mark Ruffalo Had a Very Personal Reason for Agreeing to Star in ‘All the Light We Cannot See’

Despite initial reluctance to work in Hungary again, Ruffalo was moved by Levy's dedication

Mark Ruffalo Had a Very Personal Reason for Agreeing to Star in 'All the Light We Cannot See'


  • Mark Ruffalo, a highly respected actor known for his work in Hollywood and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has joined the series "All The Light We Cannot See" based on the book by Anthony Doerr.
  • Ruffalo decided to be a part of the project because of the director, Shawn Levy, whom he had previously worked with on "The Adam Project".
  • Ruffalo enjoyed working with Levy and wanted to collaborate with him again, despite the project being in a different genre.

Mark Ruffalo is an incredibly well-versed, respected actor. Being one of the most recognized faces in Holywood through works like Now You See Me, Shutter Island, Begin Again, and 13 Going on 30, along with his time as Bruce Banner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has established himself as an extremely talented and critically acclaimed actor, deserving of all the fame that he had received. He has also been nominated for an Academy Award a number of times in his career in the category of Best Supporting Actor, for his work in The Kids Are All Right, Foxcatcher, and Spotlight.

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The most recent addition to his many respected projects is, All The Light We Cannot See, a highly anticipated series, based on a book of the same name by Anthony Doerr. During an interview about this series and his role in it, Ruffalo talked about why he decided to be a part of this project. He revealed that it had everything to do with the director, Shawn Levy.

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Mark Ruffalo Joined This Series Because Of Shawn Levy

Shawn Levy is an extremely well-respected and talented director, as well as a film producer, screenwriter, and actor. He has been being a number of well-known projects like Free Guy, the Night at the Museum franchise, Real Steel, and most recently, All the Light We Cannot See. Before this series, Levy worked with Mark Ruffalo on the 2022 film, The Adam Project. During an interview with The Radio Times, the Marvel actor talked about how this experience was for him, working with the director again.

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all the light we cannot see
Mark Ruffalo as Daniel LeBlanc

“It was great to reunite with Shawn. We had such a good time on The Adam Project.”

He confessed that he was looking forward to reuniting with Levy and working with him again. Ruffalo’s reason for this was that he had a lot of fun working with the director on their science-fiction film together and wanted to do it again, regardless of the fact that this project was a completely different genre. He then went on to talk about this was one of the biggest reasons why he agreed to be a part of this series, the fact that Levy was a part of this and he really wanted the Marvel actor to be a part of it as well.

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Shawn Levy Did A Lot To Make Sure Mark Ruffalo Was A Part Of This

Mark Ruffalo then went on to explain that before signing onto this project, he wasn’t all too interested in working on a project that required him to work in Hungary as he had just been there shooting a project. He mentioned that he wanted to go back home and be with his family for some time. However, Sam Levy talked to the actor and told him that he would really want him to be a part of this project.

all the light we cannot see
Mark Ruffalo as Daniel LeBlanc

“I was reticent about going back to Hungary. I had just shot there and I wanted to be home with my family, but he said to me, ‘I want to do something beautiful with this story and I want to do it with you.’ And that meant a lot to me.” Ruffalo continued, “He moved heaven and earth to get me there and really believed in me for the part. What was wonderful was just seeing him fly in that genre, which is something he’d never done before. He knew exactly what he was doing, though. He innately understood the story in a deep way.”

Seeing just how much the director wanted him to do this and how much he was willing to do to make sure his presence in the project, Ruffalo was moved. The actor ended up agreeing and signing onto the series as Daniel LeBlanc, a curator at the Museum of Natural History in Paris, who does anything and everything to make sure he and his daughter flee her childhood home after Nazis occupy Paris.

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