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‘Okay that’s enough I’m so stoned’: MCU Star Mark Ruffalo Said He Got Tricked into Smoking a ‘Giant Blunt’, Ended Up Giving an ‘Incredible Performance’

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Mark Ruffalo is the second actor to portray the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with his most recent appearance in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, before venturing off-world. But, before all of that, the actor discovered his voice as the Hulk in an unexpected place.

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Mark Ruffalo posing for a photo

During a spotlight panel on the Graham Norton Show in 2020, The Hulk star received questions from fans. One fan inquired about the finest and worst pranks he’d experienced while working with other performers. Ruffalo recalls one prank that made him feel like the Hulk.

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Mark Ruffalo smoked a giant blunt

Mark Ruffalo recalls crossing the line during one of the performances when he had to smoke a joint. The MCU actor states that it was the opening night with a lot of critics and he was performing with a very “naughty” young actor who slipped a joint onto the prop table. Ruffalo took a huge blunt without realizing it wasn’t a prop, and then he says, “We smoked a giant blunt on stick and I’m like, Why is that dude standing backstage laughing at me?”


“I was doing a play and during the play, I had to smoke a joint on stage and one of my cast members actually put a real joint, It’s wrong on so many levels. I came off stage and that’s where I think I found the Hulk for the first time. But I was also very slow so I couldn’t catch him. That was the worst thing.”

Mark Ruffalo FandomWire
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner

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The young actor who placed the joint on the prop table was backstage laughing at Mark Ruffalo. The Shutter Island star goes on to say that he earned the best performance reviews of his career at the end of the play.

Mark Ruffalo gives an important message

Despite giving the best performance in his life and receiving positive feedback, the MCU star has warned fans not to be inspired by his blunder. He states that it was a nightmarish experience for him and that he would never do it again.

Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner trains Tatiana Maslany's Jennifer Walters.
Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner trains Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters.

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Mark Ruffalo was last seen in She-Hulk episode two before he disappeared into space. Fans believe that Hulk traveled to Sakaar to meet his offspring, establishing the World War Hulk arc in the MCU. When the Sakaarian ship crashed, Bruce theorized that the aliens were “sending a message.” So when we see him zooming off into space in episode two, it’s easy to see the link.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is currently streaming on Disney +.

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