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“Marry a woman who won’t embarrass you”: Will Smith’s Desperate Attempt to Convince Tom Cruise For a Movie Concerns Fans

"Marry a woman who won't embaraass you": Will Smith's Desperate Attempt to Convince Tom Cruise For a Movie Concerns Fans

Will Smith’s one infamous incident has ruined his reputation in some celebrities’ eyes. Even though, many people have forgiven him for his unacceptable behavior and given him a chance to make things right. One of the biggest actors in Hollywood, Tom Cruise chooses to keep a distance from the King Richard actor. Smith has already accepted his mistake of slapping Chris Rock and has also apologized to him for the same.

But what’s the matter with Tom Cruise, why is the versatile actor distanced himself from Smith? The Top Gun: Maverick actor is least interested in getting dragged into such incidents as he has his boundaries and wants to maintain his reputation.

Tom Cruise Uninterested In Doing Film With Will Smith

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Even though Tom Cruise is avoiding Will Smith, it doesn’t mean that The Pursuit of Happyness actor is not trying hard to convince him. After the Oscar incident, many celebrities came forward to express their views on it but Cruise remained distant from all this. According to an outlet named Radar Online’s source, it’s known that the Mission: Impossible actor doesn’t want “to put his neck on the line and be dragged down by association.”

Smith has tried his best to reach out to Tom Cruise to hang out and talk about future film projects which they can do together. But looks like Cruise doesn’t want to do it as he didn’t revert back. The sources reveal that Will Smith even agreed to fly to London to talk to him and discuss, but he hasn’t heard back from the 60-year-old.

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Fans React To Will Smith’s Desperation To Work With Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Will Smith
Tom Cruise and Will Smith

Will Smith just needs an opportunity to do a film with the popular American Made actor. His wife Jada Pinkett Smith has already starred once with Cruise in a film named Collateral. The film did pretty well and some fans also look forward to the two biggest celebrities in Hollywood starring together in a future film.

After getting to know the news about Will Smith desperately wanting to work with Tom Cruise, fans have a suspicion about the actor. The internet is already divided as some want both of them together in the film and others are just curious why Will Smith is so in a hurry. Here are some of the fan’s reactions as follows.

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Tom Cruise and Will Smith
Tom Cruise and Will Smith

Some fans have accused Tom Cruise of being taken over by his Scientology beliefs and showing arrogance. Others have simply alleged Smith of being arrogant and greedy for money, also being upset with him about the Oscar slap. In one of the past interviews, the Focus actor had only praises for the Oblivion actor.



Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One will release on 14th July 2023.

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