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Marvel & DC Teams That Should Have Their Own Movies

With the Superhero Genre becoming more and more popular among general moviegoers, there are still so many superhero properties in the Marvel and DC Universe that could have potential within the Marvel Cinematic Universe & DC Extended Universe. Here are a few teams that would be interesting to see in future movies:


The New Guardians

A group of Lanterns from each of the seven light corps. This group was formed to destroy the Black Lantern Corps. With the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie, it could always be a possibility to see more movies based around the seven light corps in the DC Universe. It would also be the perfect way to expand on DC’s cosmic side of it’s universe.



The Thunderbolts have had multiple incarnations over the years. Each has consisted primarily of villains who fight crime. Basically it’s similar to DC’s Suicide Squad. But the most well known team is the one formed by the Red Hulk aka General Thunderbolt Ross who has appeared on-screen in The Incredible Hulk and Captain America: Civil War, played by William Hurt. He has not become the Red Hulk as of yet but there is always a possibility. The team consisted of Red Hulk, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), The Punisher, Elektra, Deadpool and Agent Venom.

This would personally be an interesting team to see. Three of the characters from this team already exist in the MCU. With the recent Fox deal, having Deadpool on this team is a possibility. Wwith Robbie Reyes introduced in the MCU, they can always use him as the Ghost Rider for that team. Finally, we have the upcoming Venom movie which can introduce Tom Hardy’s Venom into the mix. We also have Zemo who has lead many of the Thunderbolts teams so it is always a possibility the Marvel Cinematic Universe could lead to a team formed by Baron Zemo.


The Outlaws

Formed by The Red Hood, Starfire and Arsenal, this group consisted of underrated heroes in the DC universe to fight against evil. This would be an interesting ensemble to see turn into a movie. This team has had many different characters work with them or be on their team, such as Rose Wilson who is Slade Wilson’s daughter, and the Jokers Daughter. With the Red Hood as a core member, it has been hinted in the DCEU that Jason Todd was supposedly killed by the Joker. So there is a possibility the Red Hood could appear.


The Squadron Supreme

This is basically Marvel’s version of the Justice League. The Squadron Supreme could be an interesting team to build upon. They have had their own comics. They could be a new franchise to build around surrounding new characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Consisting of members of the Teen Titans who have become adults. The Titans consist of former Teen Titans such as Nightwing, who is the leader, Flash (Wally West), Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Starfire, and the Red Arrow. This would be an interesting team to see. We can already assume Nightwing is a bit older since the Batman of the DCEU is older as well. So maybe Dick Grayson formed the Teen Titans at one point but grew to old to be apart of the team and formed the Titans.


The Revengers

No, not the team from Thor: Ragnarok. This team was formed by Wonder Man, consisting of anti-heroes who he convinced that the Avengers were not helping the world and they needed to be stopped. Other team member included are Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock), Atlas, Captain Ultra, Century, Demolition Man, Devil Slayer, Ethan Edwards, and Goliath (Tom Foster) who was the nephew of Bill Foster. The team consists of heroes who are more brutal and lethal than how we see the Avengers operate.


The Midnight Sons

The Midnight Sons are a team consisting of supernatural superheroes such as Ghost Riders (Danny Ketch & Johnny Blaze), Damion Hellstrom, Morbius the Living Vampire, Werewolf by Night, Blade, and Doctor Strange. The MCU has not really explored much of the supernatural side. You might think differently with seeing Doctor Strange and having Ghost Rider on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., but we have still not seen things such as Vampires, Demons, and even hell itself since, on many occasions in the comics, supernatural heroes have gone to hell to fight Mephisto who is the devil himself. This team would be a good way to explore more of the supernatural aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The Justice League Of Tomorrow

With the rumored possibility of a Batman Beyond film to come one day down the road for the DCEU., it could also lead to a possibility of a Justice League movie with the Justice League Of The Future. Many fans of Batman have been wanting a movie that was based on the popular Batman Beyond show. So why not do that and explore a bit more surrounding the Justice League Of The Future.


The Elite

This group is a group of powerful metahumans who were not above killing criminals. While not many people know much about them, they are a very interesting ensemble that would fit well with the DCEU’s darker tone and could have potential with the right writers and director.


The Nova Corps

Introduced in the Guardians Of The Galaxy, the Nova Corps is the Marvel universe’s intergalactic military and police force. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have wanted to see the Nova Corps get their own movie. A Nova Corps movie would be an interesting way to see the more cosmic side of the MCU. Seeing them go to different planets as intergalactic officers, such as to stop a possible war between the Kree and the Skulls is a great way to explore the untapped cosmic stories. We have seen plenty of the galactic side with the Guardians Of The Galaxy films and even the Thor films. But a Nova Corps movie is another great way to explore a great side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Alpha Flight

Last but not least, is the Canadian mutant team known as Alpha Flight who goes on missions for the Canadian government. The team also for a time had Wolverine working with them after the Weapon X program. A producer of the X Men films, Simon Kinberg hinted at one point that he would like to do an Alpha Flight movie. The team would be interesting to see and it would be an interesting way to reintroduce a new Wolverine. Seeing a team that works for the Canadian government would be a great way to have a movie that shows different superheroes from another country.


What superhero team would you like to see get a movie of their own? Let us know in the comments below!

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