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The Best Ideas For A Marvel Anthology Series Featuring Civilians During Avenger Level Threats (According to Reddit)

Best Ideas For A Marvel Anthology Series

Over on the Marvel Studios subreddit, user EmonMusk asked ‘Marvel makes an anthology show about normal people dealing with crazy events in the MCU. What sorts of plots do you want to see?’, prompting countless responses regarding the average person’s experiences and troubles living in the MCU might bring.

Much could be said of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but its consideration of the civilians and average people isn’t exactly a top priority, and other than brief glimpses here and there, their plight isn’t exactly front and center. I for one would hate to live in New York City, never knowing how long it’d be till the next supervillain turns up to wreak havoc in an attempt to draw out whichever hero they’re annoyed at.

Insurance Premiums Must Be a Bomb

Hulk and the Hulkbuster destroying Johannesburg

Not exactly everyone’s favorite thing anyway, insurance in the MCU must be a logistical nightmare and an even bigger expense than it already is.

“I want to see a short of someone trying to explain to their insurance company why their car was found lodged in the mouth of a space whale and what their coverage gives.” – u/NeblessClem

Imagine ensuring you’ve got space attacks, superhero collateral, things like The Blip, and countless other scenarios to try and cover for yourself and your property.

An Everyday Man’s Struggle in a World of Superheroes


By far the most obvious idea to come out of the concept, the thought of seeing an average person with no superpowers trying to dodge the attacks of an alien invasion is both a regular thing for cinema and a good idea for the MCU.

“An ordinary man trying to survive the Battle Of New York” – u/GlyttchedTV

A small fifteen-minute short of an individual working their way through the rubble, the fights, and the event as a whole, whilst seeing the superheroes carrying out the events of The Avengers in the background sounds harrowing and fun in a way, throw in the portal being closed and the threat coming to a close, as the civilian in question dying for a bleak, realistic take on it.

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Wakandan College And Infinity War

What was happening in Wakanda during the final fight of Infinity War?

A college drama set in the technological wonders of Wakanda is already a decent idea for a standalone series.

“A Cloverfield style/found footage story set in Wakanda. Starts off with the Characters at College as the Avengers are spotted arriving and the defence of the city begins. Ends with the characters finally making it to the safety of a bunker only for half of them to turn to dust.” – u/DaveFrenzy

Not touched upon whatsoever before, the siege and defense of Wakanda during the climax of Infinity War is rife with good ideas in this hypothetical anthology series. College students getting dusted after a hectic run through the city is just one of them.

Poor Cabbie on the Battleworn Streets


Two ideas from one user, both equally entertaining. A hospital drama set in the world of the MCU, with civilians injured due to falling buildings, alien attacks, and even in some cases, direct superhero attacks, would be hectic and frenetic.

“Various Avenger battles from the perspective of an ER getting hit with the fallout (NYC, Sokovia, near German airport in Civil War). All the major events of the MCU from the perspective of a cab driver who keeps getting impacted by them.” – u/beardiac

On the other hand, a short series of skits involving some poor cabbie that keeps relocating after the latest world-ending threat occurs around him, only to find himself in the same general vicinity as the next one would make a fantastic comedy series. Throw in famous cameos for his customers and you’ve got something worth watching.

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What Happened After The Snap?

New York after the snap… desolate.

There’s a five-year time jump between the ending of Infinity War and the majority of Endgame which so far has been woefully unexplored.

“Aftermath of The Snap, I feel like we should’ve gotten some movies that could either introduce characters or move some characters forward in between infinity war and endgame. That period is so unexplored and it’s such a goldmine of potential” – u/Blueguy16

Families were destroyed, the economy was in ruins, and entire industries were short of work and food issues. The Snap would have completely changed the world as we know it, but we’re nearing the end of Phase Four, and not only have they glossed over it so far, everyone more or less seems to be getting on as normal now.

There were hundreds of ideas in the thread and more being added all the time. Whilst it’s unlikely we’ll ever see anything akin to what’s been suggested, it’s an interesting idea with a lot of scope for content, premises, and longevity.

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