Marvel Boss Hints Better Call Saul Style Spinoff “Instead of Loki Season 3”: Will Tom Hiddleston Return?

Loki producer hints at a Loki spin-off focusing on Sylvie and TVA.

Marvel Boss Hints Better Call Saul Style Spinoff "Instead of Loki Season 3": Will Tom Hiddleston Return?


  • Fans are hoping for season three of the Loki TV series after such a devastatingly beautiful season 2 finale.
  • The show's executive producer, Kevin Wright, hinted at a Better Call Saul-style spin-off instead of a season 3.
  • It is unlikely that Tom Hiddleston would reprise his role as Loki, but we might get more of TVA.
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Ever since the Loki television series started back in June 2021 up until the completion of the second season recently, fans have been loving the glorious storyline that Marvel has created for their favorite notorious character. In fact, after the perfect terms that season 2 concluded Loki’s story with, fans are only getting more and more hyped-up and hoping for a season three of the series which further elaborates the intriguing life that the character would be leading here onwards.

Loki TV series
Loki TV series

However, instead of another season for it, the show’s executive producer Kevin Wright hinted at making a Better Call Saul-style spin-off, all the while discussing the future possibilities of Tom Hiddleston reprising the fan-favorite character.

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Kevin Wright Hinted At A Better Call Saul Style Spin-Off For Loki Series

Kevin Wright in a still from the interview
Kevin Wright in a still from the interview

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Although fans desperately want more of the remarkable content that the Loki TV series brought about for them, the show’s executive producer Kevin Wright seems to have different plans regarding the superhit show.

During a recent interview with Phase Zero, the producer shared his own take on a possible season 3 happening. He said:


“I love this world. I love these characters. I would love to continue telling stories with Sylvie and the TVA. Obviously, I would love to tell more Loki stories if that becomes a possibility. Right now, I don’t see how it is with what he’s doing.”

Continuing, he hinted at how, instead of a whole new season for the series, Wright would be more interested in creating a Better Call Saul-style spin-off for the characters.

“But more so, I would love to continue to work with this team that made these two seasons of this show. And I wonder if that’s something that–unless instead of it being a Loki Season 3– I would love to find a way of ‘If this is our Breaking Bad, what’s our Better Call Saul?'”

Considering how he talked about a Better Call Saul-style spin-off instead of a season 3, it seems unlikely that it would include Tom Hiddleston reprising his role. But then again, Marvel is full of surprises and secrecy, and fans just don’t know when they might be in for an unexpected treat!

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Is Season 2 The End Of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki’s Story?

Tom Hiddleston as Loki
Tom Hiddleston as Loki

In the same interview, Kevin Wright further discussed how he treated Loki season 2 as the end of the series.

“I will say this: We did treat this like a closing of the book. Season one – one chapter; season two – another chapter. That was kind of a challenge from Owen–After season one, he’s like, ‘Nobody’s ever had the courage to close the book just like, Let’s close it the book, let’s finish the story.’ And, it felt right.”

However, that does not in any way mean that it’s the end of the story for Hiddleston playing the beloved character. Instead, Wright then discussed the prospect of this very different Loki, who has his own throne and his own glorious purpose, reuniting with a new and evolved Thor.

“That would always be my hope that somewhere down the line, somebody gets to tell that story because he is so different. And because Thor is so different now too! I think that’s what makes it interesting. I don’t know, in my head, I just think it would be [that] they’re weirdly different, but I think there would just be a deep internal understanding between the two of them. And I think it could be just something really beautiful and cool.”

If that actually ends up happening with Tom Hiddleston’s super-powerful anti-hero and Chris Hemsworth‘s wholly new and entirely different Thor, it would truly be a magnificent sight to behold. And considering the tight place that it’s currently in, Marvel just might end up doing it. Who knows?


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