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Marvel Casts Its Superman: Invincible Star Steven Yeun Reportedly Playing Robert Reynolds AKA the Sentry in Thunderbolts Movie

Marvel Casts Its Superman: Invincible Star Steven Yeun Reportedly Playing Robert Reynolds AKA the Sentry in Thunderbolts Movie

Recently, it was revealed that Steven Yeun will be joining the star-studded cast of Thunderbolts, his role was not revealed, but many people believed that Yeun might be playing the role of Sentry, which would play a crucial role in the future of the MCU.

Steven Yeun
Steven Yeun

Even though there are no official announcements from either the star or the Marvel Cinematic Studios, the rumors are coming to an end because there are several reports which show that the actor would be playing the rumored role.

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Steven Yeun’s Rumored Role

Steven Yeun joined the cast of Thunderbolts but unlike his cast members, his role was not revealed despite the movie being full of our favorite Marvel villains and anti-heroes from the movies and comics. But some reports along with a valid explanation showed that the Mayhem actor might play the role of Sentry.

images.jpeg 1
Robert Reynolds aka Sentry in Marvel Comics

However, the possibility of ‘if’ is out of the equation because during The Weekly Planet’s podcast during its ‘Hot Scoop or Shot of Poop’ piece, James Clemen, the co-host of the show stated during the segment that he “[had] a potential scoop” from “somebody at Marvel” which would talk about Steven Yeun’s role in Thunderbolts. 

“Now, I’ve got a potential scoop here from someone, who’s been fairly reliable in the past. I spoke to somebody at Marvel – not a higher up necessarily – and this is the quote that they sent me: ‘We don’t even know who he’s playing, but my guess is Sentry, since there’s been whispers of that casting circulating a bit.’ So, he’s going to be in the Thunderbolts as Sentry, potentially… That’s what somebody’s telling me who heard from somebody else.”

Moreover, @CanWeGetToast recently tweeted “So it looks like it’s NOT an ‘if’.” This tweet was in response to his earlier tweet about wishing  Yeun’s hair would change color like a Super Saiyan when he powers up as Sentry. 

“IF Steven Yeun is #Sentry, I hope his hair stays black and turns blonde when he powers up. Our first live action Super Saiyan could be him “

Even though there are strong pieces of evidence that show that the Burning actor might play the role of Sentry, fans must wait for the official announcement to rejoice.

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Is Steven Yeun Fit to Play Sentry?

Steven Yeun is a popular and versatile actor who has been part of the popular TV Series The Walking Dead, and a part of the 2018 popular Korean film Burning, which also happened to be nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards, it might be possible that the actor would play Sentry in Thunderbolts.

images 2.jpeg 1
The Void/ Dark Sentry in Marvel Comics

Moreover, the popularity of the fictional character would go hand in hand with the actor, the Superman-like character is an immensely powerful character who has a remarkable and layered origin story. Also, Sentry has titanic strength with an alter ego called the Void, so the actor might take on the roles of two characters. Robert Reynolds, who is an honorable superhero, Sentry, when in his normal state of mind, but the hero has a dark side known as the Void, which is the manifestation of all the negative aspects of Sentry’s personality.

Since Steven Yeun has played a variety of roles in different genres of films and TV Series, the actor would indeed fit the role of Sentry.

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Thunderbolts is set to release in theaters on July 26, 2024.




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