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Shang-Chi: Every Marvel Character Who Wielded The Ten Rings, Ranked

Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings is MCU’s latest movie. After the Makluan, the villainous species defeated by Tony Stark, the rings disappeared from S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Weapon Vault Omega. Each round found a host and created ten versions of The Mandarin powers. Some of the hosts were clever; some of them felt distorted. Below are every Marvel character who wielded the ten rings. 


1. Lord Remaker was a Chinese warlord; he took the Mandarin City after Mandarin died. Appearing in Iron Man (Vol.5), the Remaker ‘Matter-Rearranger’ Ring found his way to his first host and chose him. But he lacked a proper strategy by which he could use the ring. As a result, he got himself into a fight with Mandarin-Seven.

2. Mark was the eighth Mandarin. He also used to work as a freelancer in Invincible Iron Man. He fell in love with Pepper, who was earlier in a relationship with Tony. When Pepper confessed the whole story about her and Tony, Mark was angry after listening to how he mistreated Pepper. Mark’s failed attempt to fight with Tony backfired, and he ended up in the I.C.U.

3. Colin Sixty got selected by the White Light Ring, aka Daimonic, as its host. Colin’s failed attempts of defeating Iron-Man made him one of the worst hosts to the rings. However, he was powerful but wasn’t self-sufficient. He was dependent on three other Mandarins. Still, he never won.

4. Lighting Conductor got the ninth Mandarin ring which has Electro-Blast powers. In The Invincible Iron Man, he wanted to defeat Iron Man, but the task was too much for him. He wasn’t even aware of his powers.

5. The Ice Blast Ring approached Wilkins to become the tenth Mandarin. Wilkin stole some of the best gadgets from Stark International. Still, he couldn’t stand against Iron Man. He was so weak that Abigail Burns took his ring without any effort.

6. Victor Kohl got chosen by the Black Light Ring, aka Nightbringer; he became the Mandarin-Five. Kohl didn’t do anything worth appreciating. He allowed the ring to control him, which killed his own family, and he never felt responsible for that. 

Marvel Character Who Wielded The Ten Rings

7. The Daimonic Ring chose The Mole Man as his sixth Mandarin. Mole Man knew that he would not be able to defeat Iron Man. He even refused to become the Mandarin Prime which was clever; he knew it would be pointless.

Marvel Character Who Wielded The Ten Rings

8. Alec Eiffel got the Vortex Ring and became the third Mandarin in Iron Man. Alec was more intelligent as compared to other hosts. In addition, he was blessed with super speed, which even Tony admired.

Marvel Character Who Wielded The Ten Rings

9. Abigail Burn was the suitable host for the Flame-Blast Ring, aka Incandescence. Abigail was a fantastic host as she chose to do the right thing. She even displayed some heroic acts by attacking Mandarin one and five and helping Tony destroy the weapons base in London. She fought for justice.

Marvel Character Who Wielded The Ten Rings

10. Last in the list of every Marvel character who wielded the ten rings comes Malekith the Accursed, the host for the Disintegration Beam Ring, aka Spectral. He fought with every host because he wanted the entire set of rings. Malekith has an ambition and a strategy to become the only Mandarin. He was a fighter and a survivor. Even after getting attacked by all the other hosts, he managed to fight back. 

Marvel Character Who Wielded The Ten Rings